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Mar 15, 2012 02:02 PM

Southern Italian in Nassau County

A friend of mine is looking for a good Southern Italian restaurant in Nassau for a group of 10 on a Saturday nite in May (future in-laws all getting together). Any suggestions? thanks!

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  1. You could just go outside and swing a cat... Honest, there are a lot of good red-sauce places. Name your town.

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    1. re: EZ Pass

      True, that. If there are two things that Nassau is overflowing with, it's southern Italian and strip-mall Chinese.

      1. re: Scott_R

        Thanks - I know that, but it seems everything I'm coming up with seems to be Northern Italian. North Shore is preferable. Thanks!

        1. re: pwrube

          How about Sicilian? ..... not Italian American but like I had as a kid (at mine and neighbors homes in Brookklyn ) example Pasta cu le Sardi .Tripe in a hot tomato sauce with potatos,etc . Most places overly Parmigiana their dishes .Very few places offer a variety of macaroni such as Bucattini or Percatelli .These dishes are inexpensive to prepare yet the white table cloth joints inflate or the pizzeria / family style places don't carry them.

          1. re: scunge

            Scunge, I just love bucatelli or percarelli pasta. To my non Italian mind, they are both one and the same, and delicious. if I am in error about their identity, please correct me. The only restaurant I know that serves them is in a shopping center in Warwick, RI. Fairway used to carry them in Plainview, but I don't know of any other store that does.

            1. re: budcar

              Waldbaums here on Long Island is where I bought perciatelli and bucatinni ( they're almost the same )in Fairway.Almost exclusivley made with Pasta cu le Sardi.

          2. re: pwrube

            Trattoria Diane in Roslyn is mostly focused on Roman cuisine and it's excellent. And, frankly, most Italian restaurants that call themselves "Northern"...what are they talking about? There's no place on LI to really enjoy the cuisine of Lombardia, Piemonte, Veneto, Friuli-VG, etc.--not to mention central Italian regions (Tuscany, Umbria, Emilia-Romagna, etc.). I think if you can find a good Italian you should consider yourself lucky!

            Also recommended on North Shore, Stresa in Manhasset, whose menu has hints of owner's home town of Piacenza in Emilia-Romagna.