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Mar 15, 2012 01:17 PM

Downtown Toronto patio for St. Patrick's Day

Hi all, I'm a new Toronto resident looking for a good downtown patio for St. Patrick's Day. I appreciate any suggestions! I can't seem to find many places with bigger patios.

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  1. What part of the city are you looking to be in.. Downtown means many things to many people in Toronto.

    Remys in Yorkville has a huge rooftop patio that will be crazy on St Paddys day.
    Black Bull has a large patio on Queen and Peter (not sure what their St. P day plans are..
    Polson Pier (The Docks) has a huge patio but I do not think they are open for the season yet (anyone?)

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    1. re: ParkerQ

      Just went by Remys.. they must have over 100 people on their patio right now and it is only 4pm on a Friday!

    2. expect a gong show at most places that have a hint of Irish in their name or logo.

      wake up early and get to Celi Cottage. that's probably the best patio and most authentic Irish pub

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      1. re: atomeyes

        +1 If you really want to go out, then line up at 9am and enjoy the gong show, otherwise stay at home with some whisky and pints.

        1. re: atomeyes

          Ceili Cottage will have a $10 cover charge for the patio which will weed out some of the amateurs

          1. re: bytepusher

            It will still be packed and they are limited in their seating to 40 people due to liquor licence restrictions.

        2. Welcome to Toronto! This has to be the only year in recent memory when "St. Paddy's Day" and "patio" were uttered in the same sentence. Do liquor licenses even allow restaurants to open their patios this early in the season?

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          1. re: peppermint pate

            Celi Cottage, Cafe Nervosa, Heminways & Remys all have had their patios open all week.... (and those are just the ones I have passed by)

            1. re: peppermint pate

              last year the patios were open. as for licenses if your patio is on ciity property than the city hasn't given out licences yet. It all depends on the patio and the paperwork!

            2. If it's patio square footage you want, and don't care much about the quality of food, service or beverage, then I would suggest the three bars side by side on the Esplanade - BierMarkt, and 2 others whose names I have forgotten (one is vaguely Irish too).

              1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Pretty much "downtown" I mean anything from Front to Bloor-ish along the subway line, and those all seem to fit right in.