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Recommendation for husbands birthday - we are foodies but i am pregnant

I have been wanting to go to eleven madison park, but i'm not sure it's the best place to go when pregnant. I don't want us to be too limited when we go there. We would go anywhere in manhattan or brooklyn, looking for a foodie experience that is also pregnancy safe and also not a waste to go to when pregnant. Any thoughts?

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  1. So anywhere but EMP? Good, that narrows it down to about 12,999 options.

    Come on, we need more details to help you out!

    Day of week?
    How far into the future will this be? (hot reservations go fast)
    Tell us what you want to pay - is that before tax tip and any drinks for DH?
    Sushi is out, but any other cuisines you don't like/like?
    Something casual, formal, loud, clubby, romantic?

    For BK, post on outerboroughs board.

    1. Every pregnant woman I've known has chosen different dietary restrictions while pregnant. It might be helpful to state exactly which ones you are following.

      That said, ANY fine dining restaurant should be able to work around your dietary restrictions if given advance notice.

      See also:

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        Thanks so much for this thread.

      2. You guys are foodies and you are pregnant? so what?

        Can you tell me why EMP is not the best place to go when you are pregnant?

        Do they serve food that induce morning sickness? Do they force you to drink alcohol while pregnant? I don't get it.
        Actually, i think restaurant like EMP is a perfect place when you are pregnant because you are feeding three people at price of two people. lol

        1. Ok sorry everyone. . I don't want to go somewhere where it's a waste to go because we would be missing out on the best stuff - thinking because of restrictions, it might be worth it to wait till after for some restaurants. I am not able to eat raw fish, white fishes, or tuna, eggs that are not fully cooked, or any meats that are not cooked fully all the way through - I also have to stay away from soft cheeses and charcuterie. Looking to spend around 125 - 150 a person. Looking for something romantic but not sleepy. Looking for april 21 which is a saturday. thanks so much for any advice.

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            Went to EMP with pregnant wife and they didn't skimp at all. They made pregger friendly versions of all of the raw amuses and adjusted all of the main dishes to her needs without any problem. Email them beforehand and you won't be sorry!

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              oh great to hear! thanks. OK i'm going to try for that.

          2. EMP would be my perfect meal if I were preg! And if you let them know in advance they will surely go above and beyond to ensure your comfort.

            I go often and stick to a vegetarian menu and it is sublime....

            Eleven Madison Park
            11 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10010

            1. here comes the EMP cult again.

              highly suggest The Modern instead. It was a truly special meal, with a fantastic view, and my wife and i went there while she was pregnant, called beforehand with certain minimal dietary restrictions, and they made the night absolutely perfect.

              The Modern
              9 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019

              1. Ok – so I have to add this comment. Back when my wife was first pregnant, she was busy reading the What to Expect book that everyone seemed to be reading at that time. About food, it advised expecting mothers to stay away from spicy food like “Chinese and Mexican”. When my wife read this to me, I said so what do all the women in China and Mexico do? Scour the country for those bland American restaurants? We had a laugh and she ignored the advice and took more the French approach. No damage yet discernible in our offspring. Maybe its yet to come out.

                I also agree that EMP will be able to tailor the food for any restriction you have. Don't miss it.

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                1. My pregnant wife and I will be in New York at the beginning of April. I called all the restaurants we considered before hand to make sure they could accommodate her. Some restaurants were unable to offer substitutions so we moved on. We ended up with Corton, EMP, and Kyo Ya which was actually very happy to offer substitutions for the raw items.

                  Eleven Madison Park
                  11 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10010

                  Kyo Ya
                  94 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009

                  239 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013

                  1. For what it is worth, I dined at EMP when I was pregnant and they were incredibly accommodating and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal.

                    1. Thanks for this thread. We're in the same situation and planning a rez at either the Modern and/or EMP soon. We're just doing the standard no raw meat and no high-mercury fish route. Although added to this equation is that my wife is lactose intolerant and hates lamb with a passion. (I myself have zero dietary restrictions, fortunately)

                      Or is it not worth it to go until after the pregnancy as we have these additional restrictions?

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                        I would say not to let your wife's pregnancy affect your plans. My wife is pregnant but our trip in April was such a great success that we are planning another return at the beginning of June. The only hiccup we encountered during the April trip was at Kyo Ya where they were unable to find a suitable replacement for the sashimi course and she was therefore not served anything while I was (our final bill was reduced to account for that). EMP of course had no problem accommodating her and with so many protein options on the menu I am sure that if lamb is on the menu when you visit, there will be other options.

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                          I am nearing the end of my pregnancy and we've had great meals the whole time. We're doing the standard no raw meat/fish/eggs, no high-mercury fish, no unpasteurized cheese (which is easier to adhere to than you'd think). My husband eats everything.

                          We went to Babbo, and I called ahead and told them I was pregnant and they said they could accommodate pretty much anything. We did the pasta tasting with friends, and that whole menu was pregnancy-friendly. They didn't need to make any changes at all. They were super-nice about making me mocktails from the bar and just being generally nice.

                          We went to Daniel and they were also great. We didn't call ahead, but when we got there and realized we wanted the tasting menu, we asked if substitutions could be made. I chose something I wanted, and they said they'd be glad to do it. They gave me a dish that was totally off the menu to replace the foie course, and it was my favorite thing there. They also gave us a baby bib that said, "I'd rather eat at Daniel." They were really generous.

                          We also went to Del Posto just a couple of weeks ago and they have such a wide menu that it was easy to choose things that worked well for me. They were sweet about my ordering non-alcoholic cocktails and sent us an extra basket of warm orange cream-filled zeppole at the end.

                          We have been to a few other restaurants that did a great job, but those meals were the highlights. I have felt completely cared for and not at all deprived while at those restaurants.

                          Keep in mind that EMP and the Modern are Danny Meyer restaurants, and that part of his ethic is great service. I have no doubt that they'll take great care of you at either one of those places.

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                              So we did the full tasting menu and they were more than accommodating. No raw meats, pork, or gamey meats (rabbit, foie gras, venison, lamb, etc.) and no dairy for my wife. Every entree was made to an approximate shape and color using alternative ingredients (usually vegetables or chicken/white fish). I tried a bite or two of the dairy-free desserts and they didn't miss a beat compared to my normal ones.

                              We also got a tour of the kitchen complete with the raspberry drink and the bottles of cognac, cider, and the endless parade of desserts to celebrate our coinciding anniversary - an absolutely gem of an unforgettable experience.