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Mar 15, 2012 12:50 PM

Need an idea of what to order at a pub!

I don't drink very often at all, and almost never socially. I've been in a bar once in my life before now. I'm going to a celebration later at that same bar.

The only things I really like are Smirnoff Ice (raspberry flavored), mikes hard lemonade, and wine coolers. I know for a fact this bar doesn't do wine coolers.

What can I order? Would a bar, in theory, have straight flavored vodkas and just add club soda to them? How do I order this? Is there a special phrase I need to use?

Outside that, would a bar carry any kind of sweet wine? What are the names of sweet flavored wines?

I'm completely clueless and a little anxious about this.

(I realize I could forgo spirits all together, but last time I went they all puppydog eyed me into at least getting a glass of wine, which I didn't enjoy very much)

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  1. The bar will almost certainly have at least a couple of flavored vodkas; there's nothing wrong with just asking. "Rasberry vodka and soda, please" should do nicely for your order (substituting whatever flavor they have, of course). If they ask "rocks?" they're asking if you want it with ice (which you almost certainly do).

    You could also order a white wine spritzer, which is basically a homemade wine cooler (white wine and soda), and ask them to make it with a sweeter white wine.

    Mike's Hard Lemonade is also very popular these days, many bars will carry it (but not high-end ones, probably).

    Frankly, most bartenders are eager to please. If you tell the bartender that you like Mike's Hard Lemonade and wine coolers and ask what they'd recommend, you'll probably end up with something you like.

    1. What kind of bar? 5-star hotel bar? Night club bar? Bikers' bar? Fern bar? Sex club bar? Longshoreman's bar? Leather bar? Twinkies bar? I dare say the drinks available or "order-able without attracting undue attention" at each type of bar would vary... :-)

      [A domestic beer would be a safe and available choice at every one, though; glass optional and/or appropriate or not depending on the type of bar. ;-) ]

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        Just a regular old bar/pub like in the show Cheers. It's near my work place and I work at a campus so they probably see a lot of students.

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          You sound like a white wine spritzer kind of girl. On ice.

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            Oh, OK. You won't need to think about situations like this one, then: . :-)

            What monopod and xv-bear said, then.

        2. Thanks all! I ended up having wine spritzer, it was tasty.

          1. Guinness, Jameson's back.