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Mar 15, 2012 12:44 PM

Devil's Advocate - What's the deal?

Anyone else hear about Devil's Advocate opening up in the old Hell's Kitchen space? A friend of mine just emailed me their job posting on Craigslist. Sounds pretty ridiculous. The person who wrote the job ad seems pretty arrogant for a restaurant that has yet to prove itself. Definitely makes me not want to eat there for sure. I can't be sure if the person thought it was humorous or tongue in cheek but it is walking a pretty fine line between pompous and funny. Can't believe they want to paint themselves with this type of attitude before they open. Just my opinion but sounds like trouble to me.

Part of the Job posting:

"Devil's Advocate is opening its doors to accept your applications and resumes at this time. This does not mean we are opening our doors for customers to come inside. It just means that we are accepting your applications and resumes, and you will more than likely not get the job. As you haven't heard, because we have not told anyone, Devil's Advocate is a full service food and gastro pub located in Downtown Minneapolis. Featuring new perspectives on dining with our bistro style menu, we will offer 40 craft and premium drafts, as well as an extensive wine and cocktail list."

Full post is at :

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  1. Update already. Someone seems to have been rubbed the wrong way from this ad.

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    1. re: Petey McNichols

      One snarky comment and a bad attempt at a joke don't really seem like a reason to get bent out of shape.

      1. re: mull0263

        Actually just wanted to open this up for discussion.

    2. Doesn't seem like enough to go on for making any kind of a judgement about the restaurant itself.

      I say this as someone whose written attempts at humor fail even more spectacularly than my live attempts, and whose ability to recognize that failure before I hit the "Send" button is just as bad as ever.

      People are human, that's all.

      1. I don't know...or are they just playing Devil's Advocate by creating buzz and discussion. At least that's how I took it. I say good for them! You can't ignore that this may all be intentional. Even if it isn't, i say bravo.

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        1. re: Truenorthmpls

          I suppose if that's the reasoning then I also say good for them. And I guess I fell for it!

          1. Tried Devil's Advocate for lunch this week. the hook here is that they serve several types of meatballs (beef/short rib, chicken, salmon, chickpea) and you choose the ball, the sauce (pesto, marinara, cucumber), the bread (slider, baguette-type bread or a pretzel bun) and the cheese (provolone, swiss, mozz). With that, you get salad or fries. You can also choose a side of noodles, if you'd rather have your ball on pasta. I really hate restaurants that have to explain how to order to you, and their menu has beautiful design, but is kind of confusing, so the explanation was necessary. They offer plastic ordering forms and a grease pencil so you can check off your order, but the waitress didn't use them, and asked for our orders instead.

            Their beer list is awesome (unfortunately, I wasn't able to partake) but the food was average enough that I won't be going back except for a beer. I had a beef/shortrib meatball sub with pesto and mozzarella. The pesto was delicious, but the beef meatball was really dense and dry, which is surprising because shortrib was listed as part of the meat, so I thought that would make it tender. I ended up just eating the bread and pesto. The fries were really salty. I liked them, but my coworker felt they were a little too salty.

            I love the space and the beer list, but I don't see how somewhere with this narrow a menu and a complicated ordering system is going to survive. The menu is so limited, I don't see it attracting the business lunch crowd. If they had a few non-meatball options - more sandwiches, soup, a couple more salad options - I could see it as being more viable. And even for happy hour, I want more variety in apps than to get a meat/slider option.