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Mar 15, 2012 11:45 AM

Bar/Restaurant with great whisky selection


Trying to organized a birthday celebration for a whisky lover. Do any of you know any bars or restaurants with a good whisky selection (and hopefully good food)?


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  1. I recall Citizen's Public House having an extensive collection. At least of Bourbon...

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    1. re: ebone

      Ah, yes. Forgot to mention...any place except Citizen's Public House (went there last year!). Thanks though.

    2. Saloon, downstairs from Foundry on Elm, is a pretty good whiskey bar:

      1. We were at Russell house tavern a week or so ago, and I noted they had 14 bourbons. I believe there was a large selection of single malts as well. And some nice Irish whiskey. We had several whiskey lovers at the table, and they were pleased.

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          Russell House has a respectable selection, but they don't know how to handle it. The bar tending there is widely inconsistent. I posted in a previous thread about being served an expensive single malt scotch in a hot glass right out of the dishwasher.

          I can 2nd the Saloon recommendation. Their selection of bourbon is particularly wide. While they don't offer as many scotch choices, their small selection has some outstanding options. Just don't go upstairs to Foundry for your dinner afterward...

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            speaking of hot glasses...what local bars do the upside-down power rinse of the glass with the water jet from below, before filling the glass with the beverage?

        2. Sweet Cheeks has a nice selection of American whiskeys, and terrific food.

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            Russell House is well curated and Area Four has a surprisingly good selection including 3 vintages of Pappy (which very few places have).

          2. Five Horses Tavern in Davis Square has a good selection, but the atmosphere is busy (too many TVs) and I can't vouch for the food.

            The Independent in Union Square (Somerville) also has a good selection of whisky.