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May 29, 2002 03:39 AM

Where to buy wine in SD

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I am looking for a good place for wine in SD. Specifically, one that has a decent selection of Australian wine.

Before moving here, I was getting an embarassingly good deal on a wine called Novello Rosso by Chain of Ponds Wines -- what I found to be a really yummy young, light red wine. One of the few reds that didn't give me a headache or put me to sleep. :) They didn't produce in 1999 or 2000, but just checked their website and they have a 2001 vintage available now. My fiance and I want to find a bottle to celebrate our first dinner in our new house!




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  1. I thought the Wine Club had an outlet in San Diego, but I'm not sure. They have Santa Ana for sure.

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      No Wine Club branch in San Diego. Closest is Santa Ana.

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        Melanie, speaking of wine, could you tell me if the is a published list of "second labels" such as Stags Leap/Hawk Crest, Ducru-Beaucaillou (Ducru)/La Croix de Beaucaillou, l'Eglise Clinet/La Petite Eglise? I've inquired everywhere I can think of but there seems to be no source for this information.

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          Gosh, I don't know of a published source. Some wineries don't want you to know, and others promote really bad second label wines as high margin items. But we can create one here - why don't you post a note on the General Topics board where 'hounds from all over the world will take note of it and ask for input on the second labels they recommend.

    2. Carol, I know this is a less geographically desireable tip than for which you're looking, but I must refer you to an outstanding retailer/wholesaler in Huntington Beach, up here in OC. His name is John Gorman, and his company is the Southern Hemisphere Wine Company. He exclusively imports and sells wines from Oceania (Aus. & NZ), South Africa, and South America. I checked his current price list, but could not locate the Chain of Ponds bottling you seek. However, a call to him might provide you with the name of someone who might be carrying the wine. Furthermore, their selection of Australian wines is unmatched in the area, and John's a fair businessman with realistic, non-gouging pricing. Just for the record, I have no connection other than as a satisfied customer. Here's a link below, and good luck in your search.


      1. The best selection I have found in the area is the San Diego Wine Company, and I tell you I like to drink wine, but that's my problem. They may not have the same bottling that you're looking for, but tell the staff what you like and they'll point you in the right direction. Aussie wines hold some good bargains but check out SD Wine Co's California selections. They hold their prices down, and there's good wine for every pocketbook. And on Saturdays they have 10-15 wines open for tasting for $5. It's on Eastgate Mall
        which is off Miramar Rd., just east of I-805

        1. I think the best Aussie selection in town is at Vintage Wines, on Miramar (Not too far from San Diego Wine Company). Good prices too.

          1. When I want someone's product that I can't find locally, I usually send the them an email to see wether they can help. In this case, their website has a list of their distributers and their email addresses. I suggest that you email the one in Boca Raton.