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Mar 15, 2012 10:28 AM

[Bradford] Mumtaz

I’ll gladly drive the best part of an hour for a meal at Mumtaz. So, seeing as I was almost passing on my way home from a couple of days in Leeds, it was the obvious place for lunch.

The restaurant is Kashmiri owned, reflecting the community in this area of the city. And, whilst the menu is packed full of northern sub-continent dishes, there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly Kashmiri.

I ordered a starter and a main but asked for everything to come together so I could mix and match the food. So, there was chicken boti kebab – well flavoured, moist pieces of breast. Lamb with bitter gourd – this was a very generous portion and would have fed two (but not if they both had my appetite). Really lovely meat, accurate spicing with the gourd adding a little texture and a hint of..... well, not bitterness, but a little “something”. I’ve had this before here and it really is a star dish. There was bowl of salad and another of raita. And, seeing as greed was upon me, some really well cooked rice – lightly flavoured with a onion and turmeric. And a tandoori roti served quite crispy as requested.

Oh, and I had a glass of the most fab mango lassi I can recall. Really lovely.

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  1. You are making me want to book a flight, post-haste....

    Is bitter gourd anything like Chinese bitter melon? I can't "do" bitter melon.... or, more likely, I've not found the way...

    1. Nice to see a little flurry of West Yorks posts! And I agreed with you on this one - I'm a big fan of the original Mumtaz. All of their lamb curries are always really very good.

      1. "I ordered a starter and a main but asked for everything to come together so I could mix and match the food. "


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          Just to prove that I *do* listen to you, h.

          Right down to asking for the roti to be crispy.

        2. My sister's #1 request when I visit home in Leeds

          1. An old post but as I went to Mumtaz yesterday, I thought I would comment. I went to Bradford University over 20 years ago and used to enjoy the cheap curry houses dotted around the university area. Mumtaz was somewhere we would go to when parents would come visit and was a rare treat.

            This weekend, was back in Bradford for a reunion and we thought we'd go on Saturday night. (Friday night and Saturday lunch was at the International curry house on Morely street).

            Lamb chops were tender but not as good as those I have had at Tayaabs.
            Main was a medium lamb and spinach karahi (that the Queen apparently had on her visit many years ago). This was well spiced, just hot enough and very tasty. Also had some of the chicken/bindi karahi that my friend was having that was hotter but very enjoyable as well.

            Agreed that the mango lassi was very good.

            Service was slow but relaxed and the restaurant was filled with families enjoying themselves. Slightly more expensive compared to my old haunts but definitely worth it. Actually, we did go 3 courses (had lemon sorbet for dessert), a mocktail, mango lassi and coffee so probably not actually more expensive...