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April 2012 Cookbook of the Month Voting

Welcome to the voting thread for the April COTM!

Four books have made it to the voting round for April, each with six or more votes. I couldn't really narrow it down any more than that! These four books garnered 25 nominations out of a total of 37 nominations. The remaining 12 nominations were split between 7 books. Nearly everyone who nominated one of the non-qualifying books, has also nominated a book in the top four. We had a very active nomination thread! The top four books have now advanced to the voting thread.

To view the nomination thread, which includes discussion of these books, visit this link:
To view the history of COTM and how it works, please visit this link:

The contenders for April are:

MIGHTY SPICE by John Gregory-Smith
660 CURRIES by Raghavan Iyer
MELISSA CLARK MONTH (Cook This Now and In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite)
THAI FOOD by David Thompson

As always, when you cast your vote, please type the cookbook for which you are voting in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Voting will close at 11am Pacific Time on Sunday March 18 (2pm March 18th on Eastern time, and 6pm March 18th GMT) I will be posting the results later that day.

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  1. I'll start:

    660 CURRIES

          1. L. Nightshade, great job sorting out the chaos of the nomination thread!!

            Some good books to choose from. I am leaning towards 660 curries, but will try to take another look at the other books before deciding for certain.

            1. MELISSA CLARK MONTH .... Thanks LN!

                1. re: delys77

                  jpr54_1 and delys77 - just to clarify, I'm counting your votes for David Thompson's Thai Food. It's the only Thai book, so I'm presuming that is what you are voting for. Just don't want you think you're voting for another book called Thai Cooking. OK?
                  No need to repost if you are happy with my conclusion.

                  1. re: L.Nightshade

                    Ha ha thanks for being observant. Having one of these days.

                    1. re: L.Nightshade

                      On second thought I think Thompson's book is too difficult for most cooks not familiar with asian cooking,preparations, and ingredients.

                      so MELISSA CLARK MONTH

                      1. re: jpr54_1

                        OK jpr54_1, you can only vote once in this thread, so I am removing your Thai vote and counting your vote for Melissa Clark.

                      1. THAI FOOD, please. Thank you, L.Nightshade.

                          1. I have all of these books, so I'm in good shape this month. I'd be happy to cook from any of them, but 660 CURRIES is sounding very appealing right now.

                                    1. re: soccermom13

                                      Hmmm. This is hard. I, of course, want to vote for Mighty Spice, but it does not appear to have a chance of winning. I do NOT want to cook from 660 Curries, as I don't own this book and I have far too many curry recipes already (with a family that won't partake). So that leaves David Thompson or Melissa Clark. I really wanted an excuse to buy Thai Street Food but I also would like to get some use out of ITKWGA.

                                      MELISSA CLARK MONTH

                                  1. It is hard! I do not have any of these books and really do not want to buy a book at this time. My library has Thai Food and 660 Curries - so it is a toss and the wiiner (for me) is:

                                    THAI FOOD

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                                      1. MELISSA CLARK MONTH

                                        1. MELISSA CLARK MONTH please, and thanks L. Nightshade!

                                          1. Really hard to choose. Like dkennedy, it would have been Mighty Spice but maybe next month! Anyway, because it seems a bit more accessible for me than the book, Thai Food:

                                            MELISSA CLARK MONTH

                                            1. 660 CURRIES, although it seems like quite a long shot.

                                              1. My heart wants Thai Food, but I don't think it will work as the only book of a month. I think that this book would be better paired with a less intensive Thai book to increase the possibility of having lots of participants. Perhaps in an upcoming month we could investigate a second Thai book that isn't so definitive as the pair?

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                                                1. re: smtucker

                                                  very good point....i've been holding off voting for that exact reason.

                                                  1. re: qianning

                                                    MELISSA CLARK MONTH

                                                    I have not participated in a while, and am glad to be back.

                                                2. Just a reminder...
                                                  It looks like most people have cast their vote, but for the few yet undecided, you now have a bit under 24 hours to make your decision! Voting will end Sunday at 11am Pacific time.

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                                                  1. re: L.Nightshade


                                                    Even though Homesick Texan didn't make it to the run offs, I know a lot of us own it and are interested in seeing it become a future COTM. So I just thought I'd let you know I posted a review of several recipes I made from that book on the nomination thread. Later today, I will be adding a review of two more recipes.

                                                    1. re: dkennedy

                                                      Thanks dkennedy. I'm raring to go on that book, although I won't get as much time to cook as usual over the next few months (April excepted). I really love tex-mex food and can't wait to start cooking (and eating) it at home.

                                                  2. Tough choice! I got the curries book and the Clarke books out from the library to study. Clarke's tone is a bit precious at times, but the books do have some interesting sounding, contemporary recipes. The books look poised to win, and I'm sure I'll enjoy cooking from them.

                                                    However, I absolutely love 660 Curries and intend to buy a copy! It's huge and would be such an excellent book to cook from as a group so we could compare and share experiences. So many intriguing sounding recipes, both traditional and contemporary. Meat curries, vegetable curries, fruit curries, chickpea dumplings, legumes, and more. Cinnamon-flavored Black Eyed Peas with Cardamom, anyone? Absolutely fascinating.

                                                    So in support of 660 Curries as a great candidate, even though I don't expect it to win, and in hopes that others might be inspired to check it out in the future, I'm going to cast my vote for:

                                                    660 CURRIES.

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                                                    1. re: Karen_Schaffer

                                                      THAI FOOD, although I am disappointed it was not recommended paired with another book.
                                                      Maybe another month if it doesnt get there this time. A better hot season book, anyway.

                                                      1. Voting is closed for the April COTM. Thanks for participating!
                                                        The winner for April is announced here: