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Mar 15, 2012 09:49 AM

chow crawl with a teenage boy?

my high school age son and I did a fun Jamaica Plain crawl a while back.

We hit Fill Belly's, the El Embajador and the Purple Cactus.

Too full for El Oriental and ice cream which was on the agenda.

Looking for ideas for a similar night out.

Perhaps Inman Square/East Cambridge/Kendall Square?

Any suggestions for this crawl or some other local area would be appreciated.

We eat relatively often up and down Moody St in Waltham so somewhere else would be preferred

Thanks for your ideas

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  1. East Boston: Rincon Limeno, Tacqueria Jalisco, Betty Anns Donuts, Santarpio's Belle Isle Seafood

    1. You might find some useful info in this old thread:

      1. I'm a really big fan of the places in the Inman Square area. Walking towards Lechmere on Cambridge Street, heading away from Inman, there are a lot of fun choices. What a great idea.

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          In addition to ginafly's Inman suggestions, I'd tack on a few oysters handed over the counter at New Deal and something picked out from the Courthouse Fish Market fried up next door.

          If you need an adult beverage, Atwood's Tavern has a great beer list.

        2. At Inman with a bit of walking, you could have small plates East by Northeast, then oysters or BBQ at East Coast Grill, ice cream at Christina's..oh, maybe top off for something at Tupelo. Also Punjabi Dhaba is great fun.