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Farm to table restaurants exist in Dallas?

looking for a farm to table restaurant in Dallas. Any rec's?

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  1. Garden Cafe on Junius! Eat in the backyard while staring at the garden!

    1. And Bolsa, too! Aren't they all about locally-sourced food?

      I'd follow whatever restaurants Tom "Spiceman" Spicer's food is going too. Hope that helps! Let's get this thread going!

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        +1 for Bolsa ... really delectable last time I was there.

      2. Whiskey Cake in Plano has their own garden and sources they meat from local ranchers.

        1. Potager in Arlington is a member of Slow Food and, a well known farm to table restaurant.

          1. In FW there is Ellerbe Fine Foods and I believe Grace and Bonnell's are both trying to source all of their products when possible.

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              I think even Blue Mesa has a local emphasis ... http://www.bluemesagrill.com/about/lo...

              There's also The Ranch at Las Colinas.

            2. I was reading an article a few weeks ago stating that "Locally Sourced" and "Farm to Table" are the latest PR buzz words that restaurants are using to promote their menu. It went on saying the phases can mean anything from one used ingredient to all ingredients. Kind of a Buyer Beware message. Can't say I haven't wondered about that.

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                word to the wise - don't ever eat local Dallas seafood. Trinity Tilapia? White Rock Rockfish? no thanks.

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                  Often the menus will credit the individual ingredients. I've heard the chef at Bolsa speak ... also Square Burger ... and they are both quite serious about local ingredients. Everyone always wants on the bandwagon, but it's usually pretty easy to tell who's serious, and who's greenwashing.

                  Sometimes the waiters can be a little goofy ... last one I had at Square Burger gestured toward the window and said the beef had been raised 'in the street.' (This led to roadkill jokes.) What he really meant was they get their beef from Local Yocal off the square, and the meat is raised 70 miles away in Durant, OK. A cynic might have concluded the waiter was lying, but he was just kind of an airhead.

                2. Restaurant Ava in Rockwall...all local ingredients and AMAZING food!