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Mar 15, 2012 09:27 AM

Best way to experience Uchi?

So my fiance is taking me to Uchi Houston for my birthday dinner next month and I was curious if anyone has been. I'd love to know what I shouldn't miss, if there is a best way to order/eat there, etc. Any tips?

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  1. If its the same as the uchi in austin, the tasting menu is the way to go.

    1. You simply must order dessert! My goal in life is to try all the desserts at Uchi and Uchiko. My absolute favorite is the lemon gelato with pistachios. When you read the different ingredients of the desserts, you may be apprehensive at first, but trust me (and many others), you will not regret any dessert you order!

      1. both good suggestions. They also have some of the most informed servers I've encountered on a regular basis. I usually go in with a few must haves in mind and then ask them to pick some stuff out for me. Rarely have i been steered wrong.

        1. Instead of the set Omakase menu, we tell our server to bring us what he/she thinks is best that day. We have never been disappointed at either Uchi or Uchiko in Austin. You have the flexibility to limit the number of courses or expand them. Usually they bring a mixture of their best known dishes and specials of the day. We also ask them to pair wines with their selections whcih they do in three course groups. We start light, move to the heavier and always end with dessert. Above all trust your server. Jar Jar Duck, and the brussel sprouts are not to be missed.

          1. On a vendor's expense account!