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Flavoring coffee without flavored creamer

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Due to a caffeine sensitivity, I'm not a big coffee drinker. But when I do, I need to drink decaf - and I like flavored coffees. Which was great when our office had a Keurig and I could have my hazelnut or rain forest nut decafs. but now they switched vendors and only offer a traditional decaf.

I looked at some of the "creamers" but the ingredient lists scare me. I like plain half and half and thought maybe I could add hazelnut extract to flavor it. Or should I look into the italian syrups? Bonus for ideas that are shelf stable since I don't drink coffee regularly.

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  1. Monin syrups are very good. Most of the ones in glass bottles have a 3 year shelf life.


    1. I frequently use davinci syrups for coffee/latte/iced coffee-frappuccino-things because they have some pretty respectable sugar free versions, but that may well be a "lowered expectation" recommendation because I'm used to sugar-free tradeoffs.

      1. Do you like coconut flavor? Coconut milk is a natural creamer. Freeze a can distributed in ice cube trays so you can defrost a little at a time.

        1. a small dash of cinncamon in the coffee grinds before brewing may help. I always like it.

          1. Hershey's Powdered Cocoa added before brewing?

            1. Syrups would be the best way, I agree on creamers so much in it.
              Or what i have also seen people doing, is buying mini Keurig brewers and placing it on your desk at work, could work out nicely have your own brewer don't need to get up and wait in the coffee line. Just an idea, i have read a few people starting to do this.

              I would defaitnly suggest to look here http://www.davincigourmet.com
              some of the best syrups, mega change in the flavour.