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Mar 15, 2012 09:05 AM

dickey's bbq pit-any opinions?

just learned of this chain moving into the area. appears to be "texas" style cue. they have current locations in auburn,bonney lake, and lynden with plans for more. has anybody had any experience with them? i know chains are not particularly chowish but i will try anyplace to find a good bbq brisket.

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  1. Bighound, One word describes Dickey's: TERRIBLE. But it needs to be repeated several times:
    Terrible, Terrible, Terrible. In fact, It's terrible. They have actually found a way to franchise Dreck. My God, it's bad. Dickey's is to BBQ what White Castle is to fine dining. I suggest you make a pilgrimage to Brank's BBQ in Sumner or the Ranch House BBQ West of Olympia. (Yes, its a long way; but you DO love brisket don't you?) One more word on Dickey's: Terrible.

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      thanks much for the update. i actually found other folks with that opinion on other sites so this is not an isolated feeling. i agree on brank's-it's my go to right now for brisket. but my opinion on ranch house is pretty negative. only one visit but food and service really turned me off. can't reccomend.
      i'm trying to catch up on all the local places that have opened recently to see if any decent brisket is available closer to home. will report back.