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Mar 15, 2012 07:58 AM

Outdoor/Patio Dining with a view of the Mississippi River

Something I love doing is sitting out on a patio for a nice dinner with a great view. Since I moved to the Mississippi River Valley (near the Quad Cities) I haven't found someplace with a great view of the river and good food.

Any suggestions? My regional bounds are no farther north than Dubuque and no farther south than Keokuk. I'm looking for Iowa or Illinois locations.

The only ones I've heard of are Martini's in Burlington, Steventon's in LeClaire, and Ellie's Tea in Muscatine (which doesn't do dinner).

Even a mention of a river bar that happens to have good food would be appreciated (like the Lighthouse in Fairport Iowa).

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  1. What about Pere Marquette lodge? I think they serve outdoors but not sure.

    1. have you eaten at sneaky pete's in leclaire? the food is simple but quite decent, and the views of the river are fantastic from inside. i can't remember if they have patio seating in better weather or not. there is a river bar down towards muscatine that is connected to a marina, which is supposed to have pretty decent food (nothing special). i haven't been - need to ask my friend the name of it. if you don't mind being on the rock river instead of the mississippi, the outdoor patio at Martinis on the Rock is really nice, right on the water, and they have good pizza.