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Mar 15, 2012 07:02 AM

Nice dinner in theater district? What's new? What's good?

Hi all,

We are having a much needed night out seeing Kathy Griffin next weekend, and want to have a nice dinner before we see the show. Haven;t been out in that area in a long time, so we are wondering what's new over there, and what's good. Price isn't an issue, can be high-end or not. We aren't fans of Chinese food, but other Asian is ok.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Teatro, Troquet, Montien Thai, Erbaluce...

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    1. re: Taralli

      Thanks-is teatro still as good as it used to be?

      1. re: jhanaw

        We've been to Teatro twice during the current (2011 - 2012) theatre season. Excellent. Service is outstanding. We have a couple of small plates before theatre and half-portions of an entre after. Perfect evening. Favorites among the small plates are the grilled octopus and lemon-cured fennel spears; among entres, the orecchiette with spicy sausage and rigatoni with bolognese.

        1. re: terrycatch

          Agree with this. They used to have an excellent antipasto plate that they don't do anymore but have salumi that change each day. tasty but more expensive.

          1. re: gourmaniac

            We always used to order the antipasto plate too, a great value at the time.

          2. re: terrycatch

            Thanks for the tips! I told my husband to make rezzies at Teatro. We'll see if he gets them in time.

            1. re: terrycatch

              and the octopus sounds great! thanks to Andrew Zimmer, my palate has expanded, and Octopus no longer seems exotic!

        2. We enjoy Market in the W Hotel. Food is good, prices not too bad, people are very nice.

          1. Don't forget Pigalle. They recently renovated and have a bar menu that could work for pre-theatre, as well as a specific pre-theatre option from the regular menu. Haven't been since the changes but it seems like you can still do the sort of French/Eclectic fine dining thing if you choose to but can also dine more informally with small plates or even a burger, for example. Dug the cocktails (and bartender) last time I went but I'm no expert in the beverage area.

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              1. re: jhanaw

                Troquet may be your best high-end pre-theatre option in that immediate area. Try the stuffed quail w/ agnolotti, or spring pea soup w/ lobster lasagnette. They also have a more casual menu downstairs.

            1. Jump over to Charles Street and try Avila. Haven't had a bad experience yet. Their amuse bouche is always interesting and exciting. They have a nice wine list. The food, service and ambiance are always perfect.

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              1. re: crosel23

                Wish we could! time is too tight for Saturday, but maybe next time we come in for dinner we'll try that.

              2. Thanks everyone! We ended up at Teatro and it was great! We tried the Octopus (which we loved), grilled fennel, tortolloni with short ribs, and both the special app and special pizza. Great time!