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Mar 15, 2012 06:14 AM

YEG- Salmon coating at Sushi restaurants ?

I have had some WONDERFUL salmon in bento boxes at some of the Sushi places in town, Kyoto being one I think, where the salmon has this nice marinade (?) that seems to seal in the moisture while outside also has a subtle crunch to. Does anyone know what this might be?
It’s not a breading and has a slight light brown colour but it’s a very thin coating. I was wondering it might be a miso marinade but unsure if that would give the fish that delightful subtle crunch.

Thanks for your time!!!
: )

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  1. Tempura would give you a crunchy coating, but is not a marinade.
    Marinades could include ponzu sauce or miso.

    1. If it was salty and sweet, it might be a teriyaki glaze.

      Equal amounts honey/sugar and soy sauce, some rice wine and a bit of ginger, white pepper, and or garlic to add other flavour.

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      1. re: jibberjabberwocky

        No, I would have recognized that.
        It is a light beige colour, a very thin coating, not sweet or sticky, No biggy, I'll try with a miso base and experiment : )

        1. re: veloxsea

          Ok, Then I'd agree that it's a miso sauce. Not sure what other flavours were present, but this might help as a starting point:

            1. re: veloxsea

              Miso wouldn't give you a crunch though... unless the crunch you had was from caramelization?

              1. re: anonymoose

                I assumed the fish was pan fried first and they coated for a crunch. but you do have a point.

                Was the actual sauce crunchy veloxsea? Did it have a coating of any kind?

                1. re: jibberjabberwocky

                  I have experienced this at 2 Japanese restaurants in town and so I thought it might be a common coating that I was clueless about. The salmon, both times, was part of a bento box. One place was Kyoto, both DT and 109 st and I think the other place was possibly Mikado south. But it seemed like it was marinated or lightly coated in a light coloured liquid and that baked, my guess would be quickly at high heat. There wasn’t much sweetness, more of savory. Not anything obvious or distinguishable, but the coating, or whatever, gave the outside layer a very thin crisp film while the inside was moist and not dry. There was a squirt of a sweeter sauce, teriyaki-ish, on the side. But the thing that appealed to me that how the salmon was so moist with a crunchy exterior .