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Mar 15, 2012 03:59 AM

Fish (Urban Dining) or Daniel's Bistro?

A friend has invited us out this Saturday for dinner (a belated birthday outing). A few months ago, he shared a review (Ledger?) on Fish. I've heard very mixed reviews that swing to both sides of the spectrum. AP has a notorious rep for underperforming yet charging a King's Ransom for food.

It's my 'call' as to the restaurant, yet his treat. Now, I've heard great things about Daniel's Bistro with the reviews being very consistent to the positive side. I'd like to dine there.

Plus there's a healthy sized fish menu at Daniel's (our friend has lost considerable weight and is intent on leaving it off). Price wise, the entrees are pretty much the same though Daniel is ala carte. I presume that the vegetable 'sides' are for one diner (and I've heard they're prepared wonderfully as well).

The long and short of it is that I'm sensitive in spending someone's dollars for dinner regardless of his recommendation in picking a place, anyplace. Other positives I see is that Daniel is a BYOB (and I look forward to visiting my favorite bottle shop should most commentary lean towards Pt. Pleasant).

Help! me of the cognitive dissonance I'm encountering.

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  1. Daniel's Bistro would be my choice, always leave there with the thought that I can't wait to go back , has always been a great night, pricing, service....

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      1. I too can't wait to return to Daniel's...great food, great service and byo. And the new place has good atmosphere as well.

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          Thanks folks. Appreciate your thoughts and I have made a reservation. Now to search for a decent wine pairing with a halibut or zuppa de pesce - though I know that either of my two dining partners will be looking at that Veal Osso Bucco. That's a nice problem to have.

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            Daniel's is an excellent choice! But one quibble about the zuppa di pesce, which several have written/glowed about here. I loved much/most of the dish - great soup, for example - but I'm not that big a fan of calamari, and I was hoping there would be just a little calamari. Wrong. Excellent restaurant, though, and we're looking forward to our next visit/

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              Daniel's was a wonderfully good dining experience last nite. Service is impeccable - attention to making sure our wine glasses did not stay empty or required filling; the same for our water as well. Our server (Sarah) was terrific. Top notch- from articulating the evening's specials, to answering any of our questions, and just having this understated professionalism that you like seeing in a server .

              The amuse-bouche of split pea soup and corned beef on crostini was a nice starter. More than a few of us commented how nice it would be to have a bowl of that goodness as a course.

              Spring greens salads for 3 of us with one calamari appetizer (sans any breading in a light tomato broth with a dollop of lemon aioli). There were also 3 orders of the scallops as well (with a crab risotto and finished with lump crab meat atop and hart verticort). The scallops may have been sauteed in a champagne butter sauce - but what I did know was that all immensely enjoyed that dish.

              I 'stayed' the course with my ordering the Zuppa di Pesce (all of the shellfish cooked just right - without even the slightest hint of being overdone). That dish came with a side of cappelini with some calamari as well. A Gary Farrell Pinot Noir was just the ticket for 'sealing' my dining experience last nite. The ladies split a Jordan Chardonnay.

              A nice sendoff were the flourless brownies with a rasberry sauce that Sarah provided the table as we finished up.

              Daniel's deserves a return visit - to try the Osso Bucco, the short ribs, the halibut. A very good restaurant where the service and food are 'equals'. And that makes for a great nite. Thanks to all who recommended that I go.