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Mar 14, 2012 11:07 PM

torishiki (meguro, tokyo) - anyone heard of it?

has anyone heard of this place called torishiki? it's the current no. 1 for yakitori on tabelog. no mention of it on the chow boards at all. any idea if it's possible to get a reservation at this place at short notice (9 days in advance)?

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  1. I tried to walk in a few months ago and it was packed. Couldn't get in. My Tabelog updates keep lighting up with good reviews for the place. It's pretty tiny, but new and clean. Young guys working there.

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    1. re: Silverjay

      tried to call them, but can't quite understand the server (i *think* it's something about them being fully booked until may - my listening/spoken japanese is pretty bad).

      oh well. hopefully toriki is available...

      1. re: akated

        @akated: wow, this is amazing, seem like we are targeting the same restaurants on our trips!!! Mitani, Florilege, and now Torishiki. Even our dining dates are quite close to each other. But bad news for you, Torishiki is fully book for March. I tried to book at the end of January and the whole March was already fully booked even back then. You may have better luck with Toriki since some March slots were still available when I booked in early Feb. But Toriki also allow walk in guests at the 9:30pm slot. Based on a Taiwanese blogger who tried both of them, he/she actually prefer the food at Toriki but the ambiance/cleanliness in Torishiki is better.
        Which other restaurants have you booked on this trip?

        1. re: FourSeasons

          @ fourseasons: here's my plan:

          23/3 - lunch florilege (booked), dinner tatsukichi (not booked)
          24/3 - lunch sushi taichi (not booked), dinner toriki (booked)
          25/3 - free and easy
          26/3 - (in matsumoto) lunch onjaku (booked), dinner myojinkan (booked)
          27/3 - (in matsumoto) lunch hikariya nishi (not booked), dinner mikawaya (not booked)
          28/3 - lunch free, dinner sushi kanesaka (booked)
          29/3 - disneysea (trying to see if i can get out of it hahaha)
          30/3 - lunch butagumi (not booked), dinner l'effervescence (booked)
          31/3 - lunch tsunahachi (not booked)

          when will you be in tokyo? more importantly, does any of my meals overlap with yours? lol!

          1. re: akated

            @akated: Arrive 23rd evening and depart 1st April. Florilege (30th), Toriki (26th), Disneysea (26th, I can't get out...), maybe Butagumi but more likely Katsukura (25th). None overlap but so close...

            Interested in a chowmeet on 29th evening if you can get out of DisneySea? I was just going to write to Asomaniac for a chowmeet on that evening...looking at a bar izakaya place in Akasaka. I will place my email address on my profile for next few days, write to me if you are keen to join.