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Mar 14, 2012 09:15 PM

Good and fun place for 21st birthdat

I am getting ready for my 21st birthday. I am going to go to Denver to celebrate but not sure where to go. I am going with my parents to dinner along with my sister, her husband, my boyfriend, and two friends. My parents are then going to let us go out on the town. Is there any fun places to go? Everyone is over 21 if that matters.

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  1. Happy birthday and congratulations!

    Not sure from your post whether you want a recommendation for dinner, or for going out afterwards, or for both. Can you clarify that?

    Also, there are an awful lot of places to eat and drink in Denver - can you give us some idea of what you'd like? Do you want a fancy dinner place and classy, high-end cocktail bars? A fun, loud dinner place and dance clubs with good drinks? Etc, etc. Any info would help.