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Mar 14, 2012 08:50 PM

wine deals

Are there any good wine deals in the city at a good resto on a Monday night? Enoteca Sociale no longer does their half price bottles, any suggestions re: restos alongs those lines?

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  1. Libretto has a single feature wine on right now monday to wed, evenings. $35 a bottle, $5 a glass. It ain't fancy but its tasty. A red from Puglia called Anarkos.

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          The best wine deal in Toronto is the bottle you can bring to the table yourself, with a minimal corkage fee. The OP specifically asked about Mondays. In my part of town, there's Paese on Bathurst St. (no corkage fee on Monday or ANY other night except Saturday); and Miller Tavern ($1 corkage on Monday), handsome room, good service, slightly better than average nosh, parking in its own attached lot. Both are mentioned on the useful, if somewhat outdated, corkagetoronto website mentioned above. Not mentioned is the recently opened Left Bank Bistro, on Avenue Rd. south of Hwy. 401, with a $5 corkage on Monday (as well as Sunday and Tuesday). Some well-executed dishes at reasonable prices in a former bank, nicely refurbished. Whoever's in the kitchen knows how to cook.

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            fisherman's clubhouse has $5 corkage everyday

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