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Bought a rotisserie/convection oven, would like to make my first rotisserie chicken

Jjjr Mar 14, 2012 08:11 PM

So I finally have my own little rotisserie oven. I've never used one before and am looking for some inspiration on making a delicious rotisserie chicken.

I love the ones you get from the grocery store so worst case scenerio, I'll try to make one similar to that, but am looking for some interesting rotisserie ideas since the possibilities are all new to me here.

I don't need copy/paste recipes from allrecipes.com or anything as I can obviously look those up myself. I also don't want any kind of sweet/glazed type ideas as I want it to be nice and savory.

Anyone have any tips for a nice flavorful rotisserie chicken, or any rotisserie tips/tricks in general that they live by? Also, it doesn't have to be a homemade spice rub. If there happens to be a 'packet spice mix,' that you just love feel free to suggest it.

Thanks in advance

  1. coll Mar 15, 2012 08:03 AM

    I like to put some cut up citrus fruit in mine (lemon, lime or orange); as it spins on the rotisserie it self -bastes in a really delicious way.

    Other than that, I spray it lightly with Pam, and sprinkle heavily with whatever spice mix is easiest to grab. I try to think what I'm using the leftovers for, for example a fajita mix if Mexican, or fine herbs if something fancier. Extra salt and pepper isn't a bad thing either, hard to have too much.

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