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Mar 14, 2012 07:19 PM

CCSF Culinary Training Program?

I'm looking into moving to the bay area around end of the year. I am also looking into the CCSF non-credit Culinary Training Program. I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with the program themselves or knows someone who does. Any feed back would be appreciated. - Thanks :)

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    1. I recently graduated from CCSF Culinary arts and Hospitality Studies program at the downtown campus. I recommend getting your foot in the door though they tend to have a large waiting list. The staff there is extremely helpful and they help you find a job after you graduate. Working with the chef's and working in every position in the front of the house in The Educated Palate gives you a real world feel of the industry because you are serving people on one of the busiest corners of the city. If pastry is your thing I highly recommend doing the culinary and hospitality studies first because that holds a spot for you in the baking and pastry class (which has waiting lists till fall 2013.) Hope that helped! I would get in touch with Chris Johnson to ask for more info.

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        Thank you so much. That does help a lot. I've called the school a couple times but have yet to get through. I'll also have to see if i can get a spot on the waiting list for Fall '13. Thanks, again. :)

      2. Starting next semester, the school is getting rid of the "signup through the instructors" method of enrolling students with long waitlists. You will have to enroll through the school systems, be it online or counselors. I recommend talking to a counselor NOW in how to get into the program.

        Like llamalicious, I highly recommend the non-credit vocational culinary program at the downtown campus. The pastry program is killer! Seriously, if you are considering ordering dessert platters or sweets for your dinner party, give the downtown campus some serious thought. If you don't know if the culinary program at the downtown campus is right for you, check out their restaurant, The Educated Palate, and its menu. It would give you a bit of an idea of what they are doing.

        Do you have experience in the food business already? Any experience with being a server?

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          I have no experience in the food industry. Though i've tried to get jobs working as a server and even line cook to no avail. I do love cooking and always have. - I figured this was a good alternative to a pricey culinary school and would allow me the flexibility of going back to school if I eventually chose to.

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            It was awesome, one time my chef was sick so we had a substitute who was from The Cordon Bleu and he was really impressed with what we knew.

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              One more question. I know the program runs six hours a day, five days a week but what time of day are the classes?

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                It is M-F 9:00am-3:00pm, if you want to sign up for baking and pastry it is 6:00am-12:00pm. I usually showed up on campus an hour to half an hour early to eat breakfast and if your in second semester you have to be in uniform at 9 sharp. The program isn't unit based it's based on how many hours have you completed.

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              Do it! You can apply for financial aid/Pell grant too. It helps out with covering book, tools and uniforn costs, which can add up.