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Mar 14, 2012 07:07 PM

Food trip to fukuoka and tokyo

hey guys! Im flying to Japan tonight for 10 days. My plan is to get the best cullinary tour for the whole trip and i plan on visitting fukuoka for 5 days and tokyo for the other 5 but im still flexible with the schedule. Could you kindly please advise me on where to stay and what to eat. Cheao eats and expensive eats are all okay as long they are worth all the money spent :) and im particularly looking for the best tonkotsu ramen in fukuoka as i heard they are the best place to eat ramen. Any suggestions and recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thank youu!!

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  1. I had some great yakitori at Hachibei ( ) in Fukuoka just last month. They serve it Hakata-style with vinegared raw cabbage as a side dish.

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      Awesome.. Did u have any good ramen while unwere in hakata? I heard they serve the best tonkotsu pork based ramen there

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        Sorry, no I didn't; perhaps someone else here will have a suggestion....

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          Hakata Daruma is 5minutes walk from Watanabe do-ri subway station. just walk 3blocks toward Sumiyoshi bridge(go east) from the station. the address is Watanabe do-ri 1-8-26. enjoy:)

          Address : 福岡市中央区渡辺通1-8-26

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            This is a late reply, but I used to live in Fukuoka and they definitely have the best tonkotsu ramen-- there are tons of shops everywhere but for atmosphere plus great ramen I love going to the food stalls along the canal by Canal City in Nakasu.