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Mar 14, 2012 06:40 PM

Kid approved birthday cakes in Needham or Newton

I am thinking of buying one this year. Which store or bakery in the newton needham area makes a great cake? Basic, but good.

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  1. Treat in Needham for cupcakes. Party Favors in Brookline (Coolidge Corner) for cakes. PF needs a week or two notice if memory serves.

    1. Roche Brothers cakes are really, really good. Sudbury Farms in Needham is the same company as Roche, I believe.

      1. If you're willing to go into Brookline's Coolidge Corner, I can't say enough good things about Party Favors- delicious cake and excellent decorations with the BEST buttercream frosting.

        1. Second the mention of Party Favors in Brookline. They will also decorate a cake however you want it with a week's notice. They made a giant wave of frosting with surfing penguins for my daughter's last b-day.

          1. Lots of threads on here about cakes. For expensive custom designed cakes, Party Favors in Brookline is a long-time board favorite, although many of us (myself included) now prefer Icing on the Cake in Newton.

            On the more affordable side, Costco has excellent cakes.