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Mar 14, 2012 06:17 PM

Margaritas in Milwaukee

My wife is showing one of her work buddies from up nort' a good time in Brewtown this weekend. The friend really likes margaritas - good cocktails with 100% agave tequila are critical, but a good deal would definitely be a plus.

Any suggestions on a place with a fun margarita menu (cucumber or hibiscus margarita maybe?) and perhaps a ridiculous Friday 2-4-1 special? They're eating, too, so the food has to be edible - decent tacos al pastor would be nice - but once they've got a couple of spectacular margaritas in them, the food might be an afterthought.

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  1. Finding good tequila isn't the issue, it's finding a place that uses real juice and not mix for their margaritas. At least...that's usually my issue with margaritas.

    I like the margaritas and the food at Cempazuchi on Brady, although we have had some service issues over the years. I am not sure what they do for Happy Hour.

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      They plan on going to Glorioso's, so Cempazuchi would be a good fit. It seems to be every foodie's favorite Mexican place in MKE (I like Jalapeno Loco myself), but I've yet to get there. Maybe my wife can give me the full report.

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        I agree with Cempazuchi's for ritas

      2. I've had good experiences at Bel Air Cantina on Water and Humboldt. Varied menu, including both traditional and more creative tacos, such as tamarind-glazed chicken. I also like the fact that they sell the tacos individually so you can mix and match flavors.

        Margaritas are great there too. Their Toloache (sp?) one is amazing...hibiscus syrup, pineapple and lemon juices and the Cantina's private label tequila. There is also a "make your own" margarita option.

        If the weather's still nice, there is an outdoor patio overlooking the patio as well...

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          Haven't heard anything about this place, but your description sounds like it might be the winner. Especially the outdoor patio, with all this ridiculous weather we've been having.

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            Cafe Corazon is best Mexican in town. I think the margs are tastier at Cempazuchi, but they're bigger and stronger at CC.