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Mar 14, 2012 05:56 PM

new thread for inglewood in Calgary

I wanted to start a new thread on Inglewood in Calgary. Looking for a good place to lunch on the weekend and most of the information looks a bit dated to me.
thanks for any info,

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  1. Without Papers:
    In the former Nectar Desserts location. Good selection of pizzas, gluten free crust available. Very good.

    Eat Eat! I went here for lunch once and thought it was really cute. Good food too.

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    1. re: cellophane_star

      I'll second that. On top of that, Without Papers was just won "Best Pizza" in the most recent Avenue Magazine.

    2. There are lots of places on 9th to check out depending on what you are looking for.

      - The Blues Can - Live music (and good catfish from what I hear)
      - Salt and Pepper
      - New restaurant called The Fine Diner (set to open mid-April)
      - Minh Chau Vietnamese
      - Swans Pub
      - Eat Eat
      - Wildernest Cafe
      - Spolumbos
      - Ironwood Stage and Grill (similar to The Blues Can)
      - Dragon Pearl (amazing chinese food)
      - Without Papers
      - Sugo
      - Jacqueline Suzannes
      - Inglewood Pizza
      - Cafe Gravity (amazing coffee and fresh pastries)
      - Hose and Hound Pub

      I'm sure I missed something, but those are all right on 9th and offer a lot of different options

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      1. re: danniek

        thanks for your list. I'm going to print it off.

        1. re: denidill

          ^^LOL all you have to do is walk down the street :P

        2. re: danniek

          I think Inglewood Pizza is just take-out.

          Rouge and The Deane House are both close to 9th Avenue.

          Also, there's the Inglewood Drive In, which used to be not great, but now has new owners and good reviews. (I haven't been there recently)