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Mar 14, 2012 04:31 PM

How can I update one of our restaurat locations as closed?

Hey, I'm from Rubios, and I need to list our 865 Market St San Francisco store as closed. Can I do this myself or do you handle this? If you do handle this, can you please list that store as closed?

Kara Courtney
Asssistant Marketing Manager

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  1. Here you go (although this whole area of Chowhound - the place links feature - is going to be disappearing off the site in just a few days so this is probably just an exercise for nothing much in the way of return on investment).

    1. Ms. Courtney: As Servorg notes, has decided to drop its restaurant database feature. So please pass word along to your company and any other businesses interested in a presence here that this site no longer offers this kind of information to users.