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Mar 14, 2012 04:00 PM

EatYourBooks and the surprising lack of notes

Hello all
I have been using EYB now for about a year and I religiously post notes on all the recipes I try. I love cooking from my cookbooks and I was so happy to have found EYB because it allowed me not only to search my modest collection, but to make bookmarks, rate, and make notes.
What I have found unfortunately is that veyr few users seem to make notes, or at least they aren't public. I have posed a similar question on the EYB boards some time back, but I know there are a lot of people on here who use EYB, and I am wondering why I see so few notes.
I personally love seeing others feedback on recipes.

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  1. I love to read other people notes too and have not written one yet:( Unfortunately, it is just too time consuming and most likely won't change much for me. I was wondering about adding a link to COTM to the book title and also links to other recipes reviewed on Chow. For example, there is a long thread on Mighty Spice, another one on Cook This Now. There are companion threads to COTM books and most likely other similar things that I do not even know about.

    Another thing I am wondering about - and posted a question but got no answers - whether we should share with EYB on-line links to recipes that we find. It is typically done for the COTM books - people post links to on-line recipes so that those without an access to a book could participate.

    Any thoughts out there?

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    1. re: herby

      I think you'd need to contact the owners of EYB through the contact feature on that site to discover how they feel about the inclusion of links to outside sites like this as notes, or about offers of links to cookbook recipes online. I know they only add recipe links in indexes when they are links officially sanctioned by the author or copyright holder or the book.

    2. Guilty as charged!

      I have done a few notes, but just don't get to it often enough. COTM reviews actually take some time but the tone I use on this site is different than the one I would use on EYB. In fact, most of my EYB notes are generally a note that an ingredient has been indexed incorrectly or omitted. [I hate their willingness to use the term "pantry ingredient." Doesn't help me at all in the supermarket.]

      I will stive to do a better job of creating notes, even if they are short and succinct.

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      1. re: smtucker

        Most of the notes I post privately to remind me something about when I made the recipe or if I did something differently than noted in the recipe. The public notes I post are if I find a mistake or omission or if I think a particular recipe is not-to-be-missed.

      2. I've been trying to post notes to EYB, because I agree that it can be really useful. Sometimes, though, what I end up making is more inspired by a recipe, as opposed to actually making the recipe as written. I'll write about those things in COTM because we're having an ongoing conversation. But it doesn't feel right to post a standalone review like that to EYB.

        That said, I'll try harder! Because I do appreciate reading other people's comments on recipes, on EYB or anywhere.

        1. Thanks for this. I'm new to fully using Chowhound and I kept seeing the EYB abbreviation -- your discussion post solved a mystery.