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Mar 14, 2012 03:30 PM

Need help with food amounts for 100! - moved from General Chowounding board

I need help! A new friend is getting married Sunday, and I offered to help with the food. This is a short-notice, very casual affair. She is baking the wedding cake, a Russian honey cake, so I don't have to worry about that. The reception is technically a potluck buffet reception, but only two people have volunteered a dish. No problem - I don't mind providing most of it, I just want to be sure everyone will be fed!

I have plans all day Saturday (hubby will bbq the pork that day and make sauces), so the food has to be easy to make ahead. Limited fridge and oven space & no stove at reception site, so most of it should be ok at room temp. or served directly out of the fridge.

Expecting 75 - 100, maybe 40% kids ...

Here's what we have:
~ pulled pork sandwiches (we're planning to bbq 60 lbs. boneless shoulder - we're VERY happy to freeze leftovers!)
~ kaiser rolls (from a grocery bakery; they're pre-sliced and I plan to cut some in 1/2 for kids) - 10-11 doz?
~ vinegar-based slaw (for sandwiches) - 2 gal?
~ sauces (a selection of three that hubby will make)
~ black bean salad - 1-2 gal?
~ roasted poblano & corn salad w/ queso anejo - 1-2 gal?
~ baby kale salad with dried cherries and gouda - 16 c?
* someone is providing a strawberry/almond salad, most likely just a large bowl
* someone is providing a veggie platter, not sure of the size
* someone is waiting to see what is provided, may bring a large pasta salad
~ baked macaroni & cheese - 4, 9x13 trays?
~ fruit skewers, served on a bed of small grape clusters - 100 skewers?, 10# grapes?

I'm hesitant to provide cole slaw or potato salad because I think someone may just show up with those.

Thoughts?? I welcome menu changes, only if they keep things easy on me! :)

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  1. If hubby is up for it, and you can swing it, another protein option might be nice. Some people might not eat pork, so roasting a couple of turkeys or leg of lamb or tri tip for sandwiches can be a nice alternative.

    Along with the sauces, you probably want to add mustard and (gasp) mayo, unless hubby is doing an aoli.

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    1. re: ocshooter

      I was thinking about a 2nd protein ...

      I'm not confident that I could keep poultry moist. I loooove lamb, but it's out of my budget. How much tri-tip would you suggest? (I'm assuming tri-tip roast is less $$ than lamb.) I could roast that in the oven and slice it before serving, right?

      I don't do mustard or mayo on my pulled pork, but that's a good idea! Yellow mustard?

      1. re: SAHCook

        For the tri-tip, it is really as much as you want to do. You could easily do 60 lbs to match the pork, or perhaps half of that. I would not do less than 20 lbs, unless you know everyone eats pork. I would bbq it and then slice it, or if you ave a carving station, you can slice it at the event. Probably easier to pre-slice it though. I don't roast them, living in sunny So Cal, but roasting it would work as well.

        I would buy a big container of Dijon Mustard as opposed to plain yellow. You might find a nice stone ground if you prefer that. I don't know if Smart and Final are out by you, or if you are a member of Sam's Club or Costco, but those would be my 3 go to options. See what is available in a big container.

        But... you know the local populace. If you are in a place where you would be laughed at by putting mustard and mayo on a sandwich, skip it. There are local customs that easily trump national trends.

    2. Wow, that's a lot of work in such a short time! I'd reduce the number of dishes (not that they don't all sound great). The more options, the more people tend to eat. Use slider buns instead of kaiser rolls. I'd rather have a small pulled pork sandwich, and a kaiser roll would be too big. You won't have to worry about cutting it in half for the kids and if people want bigger, they can get two. I'd also have either black bean salad or corn salad but not both. I'd keep the corn salad because that sounds different. I'd also get rid of he kale salad if you're having a vinegar slaw and someone else is bringing vegetables and someone is bringing a strawberry salad. As those types of salads all go, you grab a large spoonful and they end up one big mess on the plate anyway so fewer is better. I'd just do grapes, or other fruit that can sit on a platter, strawberries, blueberries, etc. instead of fruit skewers. I think coordinating just that alone will be hard enough, especially w/ few resources like refrigerator and stove, never mind the replenishing, dishes, drinks (any drinks?), utensils, etc. Getting all the food to the site will be enough work! You'd still have:

      pulled pork w/ slider buns
      vinegar slaw
      roasted poblano and corn salad w/ queso anejo
      mac and cheese
      grapes/other fruit that lies on a platter
      strawberry and almond salad
      veggie platter
      What others bring (and while people might not rsvp, few will show up empty handed)
      russian cake

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      1. re: chowser

        Really good suggestions, I think, chowser. I think the menu is very good. Maybe chicken wings would be good, ocshooter may be right about only pork.

        1. re: chowser

          Chowser, are you the person at my church who told me to simplify!? ;)

          Ok, you sold me on sliders! I was going back and forth ... and the sliders are less expensive, so that will help with a 2nd protein! :) I already have kiwi and oranges, so if I add strawberries, blueberries and grapes I think that will make a nice platter. I think you're right about the black bean salad and kale salad... but I'm going to miss the kale salad, just because it adds something bitter. Maybe I'll make a small one to keep at home for the leftovers.

          decaf coffee (5 p.m. reception) w/creamers, sugars
          iced water
          iced tea w/lemon, mint, simple sugar
          cucumber-lime punch

        2. To gauge how much food you need, here is a link to USDA school cafeteria lunch recipes. They are in 50 and 100 serving portions:

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