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Mar 14, 2012 03:23 PM

DC recs for one stellar meal?

Will be in DC for a weekend in April, can any fellow DC hounds steer me to a fabulous eating experience - either lunch or dinner? I'll be staying in Georgetown but will have a car. Don't care about scenes or people watching, just good food. I'm trying to limit to one meal so I have the financial resources to do it - and live on ramen the rest of the time! Thanks!

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  1. Citronelle is one of the best restaurants in the country and is located in Georgetown - call for reservations.

    You can also see if you can score a spot at Minibar by Jose Andres

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    1. re: agarnett100

      I wouldn't bother trying to get minibar (although maybe you will get lucky) but if you can get Komi I would definitely go.

      1. Komi by far. Though what is fabulous to you -- fancy, type of food? Where are you coming from (that is do you want something different and better than what you get at home). Komi is understated and no scene but not boring and the best food I've had in DC.

        (And if you want trendy and ramen, try Toki Underground on H Street NE. $10 or so for the plain ramen)

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          I'm coming from LA - where we have Mexican, East/Southeast Asian foods galore.

          Thanks so much for the recommendations!

          1. re: annie

            Then I'd go for Komi. Call now for reservations though, they book fast. I also like some of the special dinners/events at Poste (in Gallery Place/Chinatown area). Some of DC's hottest dining scenes are likely to disappoint you with the food.

            I haven't been (yet), but Rogue 24 is interesting in concept and I think the food has generally gotten positive reviews. Citronelle never made me too excited, but I haven't been in a long time.

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              Yep -- go with Komi. Even with v high expectations it doesn't disappoint.

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            This is why I love chowhound, where a poster doesn't hesitate to name Komi in the same paragraph with Toki Underground.