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Mar 14, 2012 03:21 PM

Customized Food Tour of New York City

Hi All, Manhattan for 3 days this summer, I want to set up a customized food/sightseeing tour of Manhattan, Bronx, and Brooklyn. I talked with the Limousine company today and it's not a problem, I just wanted to get their take and see how they could help be accomplish it. The food I'm looking for are the foods that represent New York and it's diverse foods. I'm not looking for sit down restaurants or fine dining places. I'm looking for the real old time, and some new time tastes that we all know and love. I am talking about a place like Patsy's in East Harlem for a slice of New York Pizza. The restaurant has been there for over 80 years, it's an easy fast place to stop and get a slice fast. Another place that my little girl would like would be Pommes Frites, that would aslo be something that can be walked out with and eaten as we drove. I think bakery's and maybe deli's could on this tour, this is where I need the help. What are your ideas of don't miss easy access foods on the run that I'm missing..........I'm a Chef, traveling with my wife and 11 year old. Thanks for the help, this forum always has great people with great ideas.............Bill

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  1. Instead of starting with a limo company or car service, and figuring out an itinerary yourself, why not start with a knowledgeable tour guide, and THEN figure out the transportation?

    Have you looked into something like Famous Fat Dave? Levys Unique New York?

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      Hi Kathryn, I can get a Limo for a good price, move around town in style. I want to pick out my own places, I know what my family likes. I know all the foods offered on the East Coast, I grew up in Connecticut. The ideas I am looking for are the quick places, small bites the city offers. I have been out of this area for many years, Things chance, I am just wondering with the people in the know, know..............Thanks Bill

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        Do a search...there are many self guided walking tours of the LES, East Village, West Village, Chinatown that have been posted to this board. Parking will probably be an issue, though (can't help you there, I don't have a car, many who post here don't either).

        Example thread, you can lots of ideas by following the links there:

    2. You might consider also calling Myra - a licensed NYC Tour Guide with several eating tours!