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Mar 14, 2012 01:44 PM

Need to buy an ice-cream cake tomorrow

Where in Boston/Cambridge can we buy an ice-cream cake? I remember we used to get Carvels at Star market, but it was really a long time ago. Do they still sell them? Do they sell any at Traders? Where else?
Thanks in advance,

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  1. Yes, Star still sells them. Also Toscaninis sells ice cream cakes. Their site says to give them 3-4 days notice for a customized cake, but I don't know if they have ready made non custom. It's worth a shot.


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        Tosci's usually has a few ready-to-go cakes in the freezer case.

      2. Emack and Bolio's does an ice cream pizza: http://www.emackandbolios.com/?page_i...

        At one point I think they did cakes too.

        1. Lizzy's Ice Cream in Harvard Square also sells them, as well as J.P. Licks (several locations).

          1. Used to get good ones at JP Licks.

            1. Does Christina's make cakes? Lizzie's is very good too.....