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Mar 14, 2012 10:57 AM

Pizza slices: variety & high quality?

So the thread on Umberto got me thinking...what pizza places here do high quality slices preferably with a lot of variety?

I also found Umberto's to be pretty mediocre. I spent much of my life in Rome where you have a wonderful variety of slices and very high quality (where you tell them how much to cut or buy by price).

So far I have enjoyed Iggy's but they only bring it out at lunch and are not a reliable producer as such unfortunately.

I have stopped into Otto and thought it was fine for what it was but am a little surprised again that it seems to be so well considered here

I do like Gran Gusto obviously but was mostly thinking of places by the slice (unless there is someplace I just have to try :)

Any others I should try?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. God it's been a long time, but maybe Pinocchio's in Harvard Sq?

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    1. re: emannths

      I went and brought my little guy to Pinoch's last summer, they haven't missed a beat since I used to work in the Square (like 20 years ago), hell, the same people making the pizza actually....simply love their sicilian slice, it's just about perfect. And the little guy loved the Pinochio mural to boot!

      1. re: emannths

        I had a great corner slice of spinach sicilian at Pinocchio's this past Saturday for lunch. The crust was light, fluffy, and left no grease on the plate. I also enjoyed that it had a light amount of garlic and didn't have tomatoe sauce. The BF's corner slice of pepperoni also looked good.

      2. Those Iggy's slices are like crack.

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        1. re: Bob Dobalina

          I like them a lot too but I wish they made them all day....hence my query :)

        2. I feel like pizza by the slice lives or dies by how recently it came out of the oven. Even the most delicious slice is less tasty if it's been sitting out and then reheated. When I go to Otto's, for example, I usually just ask for whatever came out last.

          Basically, I'm reluctant to recommend places because timing is everything.

          1. Haven't been there in a few years, but I always liked the slices at Ernesto's on Salem Street.

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            1. re: ScotchandSirloin

              As much as I enjoy Ernesto's, the OP's lack of enthusiasm for Otto's makes me think that they would be disappointed. But for size and price I think Ernesto's is the best.

              I agree with Pinocchios for the Sicilian and add Emma's for the thin cracker like crust. And maybe suggest that the OP consider embracing the personal pie? Most are small enough to equal 2/3 slices of a large, and there are many out there. Downside is they are more expensive.

              1. re: viperlush

                Important thing at Ernesto's is to make sure they heat the slice properly.

                1. re: lergnom

                  Thanks I will give Ernesto's a try as well :)

                2. re: viperlush

                  I am someone who thinks slices at Otto are just okay, but thinks slices at Ernesto's are generally very good. Especially sausage slice from Ernesto's, drizzled with some extra olive oil which is on the tables, and topped with a bit of Parmesan cheese

                3. re: ScotchandSirloin

                  Another vote for Ernesto's. My favorite pizza in Boston hands down.

                4. I assume you mean pizza cooked with toppings for slices rather than toppings added after the fact. Slim pickings, I'm afraid. Harvard Sq. might be your best option with Pinocchio and Otto. Both have a variety of slices of varying quality. Avoid the sausage at Pinnochios cause it's more a sausage product than actual sausage, this sort of shaved, off-tasting thing. Otto has a lot of variety, but the basic stuff is better. I recall a non-traditional combo of potatoes and bacon being tasty. As already discussed, excepting Regina's and Il panino Express, the North End is a pizza wasteland.

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                  1. re: sadflour

                    I find the off-the-wall combos at Otto's to be surprisingly good. They're what makes the place special. For example, the one with squash and cranberries, which sounds like a bad idea for a pizza, won me over at first bite.

                    1. re: katzzz

                      Thanks I ended up trying Otto last night and found it to be pretty good for what it is and better than it had seemed to me when I stopped by last time...

                    2. re: sadflour

                      I would add Pushcart to your North End list. It's my favorite of the North End spots.

                        1. re: Beachowolfe

                          I had my first slice at Pushcart today and really enjoyed it. Definitely be back. The whole pizza that someone ordered for takeout (I saw it cuz she was sitting next to me and added red pepper, so she had to open the box) looked fantastic.

                      1. re: sadflour

                        I'd go to Ernesto's before Il Panino Express. Subject to the caveats everyone else has already made about timing, etc.

                        The OP should check out Crazy Dough's as well.