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Mar 14, 2012 10:20 AM

Pie for national Pi day

Today is Pi Day 2012! Where are you getting your celebratory pie?

Me, I think I'll head over to Seward Co-op for a slice of their awesome key lime pie. Unless Izzy's has Birchwood Key Lime Pie ice cream in their case...

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  1. We ended up having a cheese empanada at Chimborazo instead of that key lime pie. Hey, empanada means pie, right?

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    1. re: AnneInMpls

      I saw your lonely post, but had nothing. Then I remembered that I actually did have a slice of pecan pie in my office cafeteria. It was fine, but nothing to celebrate per se.

      And, yeah, I think the empanada qualifies!

    2. Jerabek's delivered fresh-baked pie to their skyway location in downtown St. Paul after I called to inquire (which was nice), so we celebrated at work with cherry and triple berry. It was good, and I'll definitely be ordering from them again.