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Mar 14, 2012 08:28 AM

St. Pats and Birthday in PGH - Suggestions

Heading to Pittsburgh for the weekend and staying at Hyatt Place on North Shore. Have been to Pittsburgh once before and enjoyed Dish as well as casual appetizers at Fatheads. Looking for a nice birthday dinner spot for Friday and are open to a wide range of styles and dining 'levels' - from casual to upscale or even steakhouse. Would then like to know good party places for some afternoon beers on Saturday - St. Patricks day. Am assuming the south shore will be bustling...

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  1. Hi - not sure if you have a vehicle or not. New Hyde Park Steakhouse is near the Hyatt on the North Shore. I enjoyed dining there.

    Salt of the Earth in Garfield is another option.

    As for party places, everywhere is jammed. Mullen's Bar on the North Shore, Piper's Pub on the South Side, Claddagh in the South Side Works.. all great places

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      Great suggestions. We may do Hyde Park for HH on Friday and then take a drive to SOTE. Thanks for the Saturday suggestions - as it's hard to find local flavor sometimes. Cheers!

    2. IF you are looking fro a place with Irish bands, look at the Post-Gazette website. One is on the Northside/Northshore near your hotel.

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        This is very helpful. Thanks for the guidance.

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          All of the above at good choices... Just to warn you the CITY will be VERY crowded. Give yourself ample time and patience getting to places.

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            Thanks Augie. I hadn't realized NCAA games going on too this weekend. Wow - should be a buzz downtown. Much like our last visit though, we'll likely park the car when we get there and not move it until we're leaving. We tend to be big on walking and/or taxis or public trans. Makes things more flexible and then we're not worried about drinking/driving. I've forewarned the missus to ramp up the patience.

      2. So the weekend was awesome! Who knew the weather would be like summer? Friday night we started by the hotel at Hyde Park for HH appetizers in the bar. The tuna and scallops were both excellent - if a little on the small portioned side. The oysters were just OK as well. GREAT cocktails however, more than made up for it. We ended up making a trip to the south shore and were going to tour for dinner - but after a stop at Yo' Ritas for tacos and albondigas and an amazing dessert of key-lime empanadas and coconut ice cream, there was no room. On Saturday - we stayed downtown for part of the parade and then a quick trip to market square for a couple of drinks, then to the Courthouse Tavern and finally to the south shore again. It was WAY too crazy for our liking on the south shore - and with the heat and walking, we decided to head back to the hotel for a nap before a late dinner. Decided to stay close and went to Atria's - where the food was solid but not spectacular - and the service was a little slow. Although I suspect the service was slow after what we understand was a very busy day for them.

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          Todd-- Hearing back is always GREAT !!! Hope you get to come back soon