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Mar 14, 2012 08:14 AM

Passage 53 reservation

I've been calling Passage 53, 0142330435, for several days and getting a recording in French. Does anyone here know what it says? I'm looking for dinner on April 5, 6, or 7. Am I too late?

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  1. I just got through and made my reservation. They take calls 10-12 and 6-8.

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    1. re: Charles Nixon

      I'm having difficulties as well: I've called at 10-11am and at 6:30pm but I keep hearing that registration. What does it say?

      1. re: dlrp18

        As I said last week, I got through at about 7:30pm Paris time. I asked about the best times for calling to confirm, and was told 10-12 or 6-8. I never understood their recording. About a month ago I was in a similar situation with Astrance, and had a French friend to listen to the message, which described their winter break. I called back as directed and got the reservation. Good luck.

        1. re: Charles Nixon

          From what I can understand (after hearing it for 7th time) it seems a different message regarding a break they're having. It also says something about the reopening and maybe "leave a message". I need someone who speaks french to listen to it but I don't know any.

          1. re: dlrp18

            Let me provide a public service. I just called the restaurant. This is what the msg, indeed unclear, says:
            "The resto is closed from 16 to 27 March. Pls call after 27 March for reservation. This machine does not take messages."