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Mar 14, 2012 07:54 AM

Looking for Nashville BBQ and down home Southern cooking-local flavor

Hello fellow Chowhounds-
My wife and I are taking our daughter to Nashville next week to check out Belmont University. I'd love to show them some down home Nashville eateries. We're big fans of BBQ, especially ribs and we'd love to hear about any other local delights. We don't want to spend big bucks. This is her first trip to the south and local "flavor" would be great. I'd appreciate any suggestions! Thanks hounds!

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  1. The general recommendation on this board for southern cooking would be Arnold’s and Monells. I personally wouldn’t miss the opportunity to go to Arnold’s.
    Martin’s bbq in Nolensville does a fantastic whole hug, but that’s usually reserved for the weekends. I’m a fan of Jack’s on West Trinity for pulled pork and brisket. They have ribs, but they’re more of the fall off the bone style.

    Closer to Belmont in the 12th South area is Edley’s, they’re the latest addition to the bbq scene. They serve ribs for dinner only. We also have Stone House Q on the west side of town, along with Jim ‘N Nicks in that general area.

    If you’re coming to Nashville, our local specialty is hot chicken. I would recommend trying Bolton’s on Main St or their new location on Murfreesboro & Thompson.

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      Thank you Pete-You've given us a great start to our trip!

    2. Jack's is good. They have two locations. One's downtown if you are in that area. Puckett's is good too. They also have a great place in Franklin just S of Nashville with good food and music. If you like fried chicken go to Prince's.

      Jack's BBQ @ 416 Broadway, Nashville, TN 615 - 254 - 1020.
      Jack's BBQ @ 334 West Trinity Lane, Nashville, TN 615 - 228 - 9888.
      Prince's Hot Chicken @ 123 Ewing Drive, Nashville, TN 615 - 226 - 9442.
      Puckett's Grocery @ 120 4th Ave. South, Franklin, TN 615 - 794 - 5527.

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        Thanks Littleman- another friend also told me about Jack's, so that moves up on the list.
        Read other good things about Prince's!

      2. For ribs, if you're willing to head out to the 'burbs, there is a little hole in the wall in LaVergne called The Lazy Pig that has, hands down, the most delicious ribs ever in the history of Planet Earth. Arnold's Country Kitchen and The Pie Wagon are wonderful meat & threes (Southern home cooking), and both are reasonably close to Belmont, but they are only open for lunch M-F. Monell's has the advantage of being open for lunch 7 days, and for dinner Tuesday through Saturday.

        The only BBQ in Nashville proper that I will really recommend with enthusiasm is Hog Heaven, in a little shack behind the McDonalds on West End Avenue. Get the large pulled pork sandwich on cornbread pancakes with heavy slaw and Alabama white sauce. You will be pleased.

        If you need a quick, reasonably priced, healthy lunch or supper right at the Belmont campus, go to Kalamata's. Their falafel is my favorite in Nashville, and their grilled meats and salads are fresh and delicious. PM has very good sushi and my favorite Pad Thai dish in Nashville (the Pad Thai omlet), and Cha Chah has delicious food (tapas and Spanish-inspired menu) but neither is exactly cheap. PM is also usually a bit of a mob scene. Both are across the street from the Belmont campus. Both serve both lunch and dinner.

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          If ChaChah is of interest, friend/follow them on Facebook/Twitter. They have really good happy hour deals and other specials that you don't necessarily learn about elsewhere. Sometimes you have to give a secret code when you make your reservation to get the deal. For example, they have one going during Fashion Week next week.