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The Taco Joint - San Jacinto / Campus

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I've eaten here three times and my awesome barber Lizzy just a few doors down chimed in with her review yesterday while I enjoyed a #1.5 Oster Blade. This relatively newly opened brick and mortar taco dive makes their own tortillas (both kinds) and kills the breakfast tacos. They do a nice migas open faced on a corn tortilla and the little corn strips are crunchy, delightfully so. They have a really nice avocado jalapeño sauce that's fragrant, light green, and plenty peppy that pairs well with the eggs. I've tried their version of pastor, not good. Lizzy says the beef strips in her taco tasted like "paper", odd description. However, the fried and seared versions of their fish tacos were very good. Overall nothing like this exists closer to campus, and is a solid bet for breakfast especially.

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  1. I think Scrumptious might have started a thread on this place, but I could be wrong. Anyway, I agree. Good stuff. Reminds me I'm due for a visit.