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Mar 14, 2012 06:35 AM

In Honor of Pi(e) Day...

Where can I find the best pie in Austin? It's Pi(e) Day, and I feel like celebrating...

I'm partial to coconut cream, myself (and did read the thread about it), but if there's a particular pie that the city, or a particular restaurant, is world-renowned for, I'll be more than willing to give it a try. And, if it weren't in the midst of the SXSW frenzy, so much the better...

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  1. The coconut cream pie at Quacks is just lovely - and unique in part for its relatively lower sweetness compared to most versions. really really good.

    1. Just got back from the Monument Cafe in Georgetown (not in the midst of any kind of frenzy) and had great coconut cream, lemon meringue and chocolate pecan pie. I didn't have all three, my whole family was there and each had only one piece-- but a pie buffet, what an afternoon that would be. Delicious fillings, great crust, and a damn fine cup of coffee.

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        I've only had the chocolate at Monument Cafe, but it is crazy freaking good. Fudgy thick rich cream and the crust is pecans. Haven't been to Quack's but I will go anywhere for coconut. That being said Cuttie Pies on Burnet has an amazing coconut white chocolate pecan pie. I don't like the normal little pie "lets" very much and I think you have to order the whole pie. Around 17 bucks -- a steal. And Tootie Pies in the Arbor Walk has a wonderful coconut pie. Not cream-- like a chess or buttermilk but moist and with coconut. Expensive though 5 bucks for a small slice or like 35 for a huge pie. Their lunch deal for 10 dollars is a sandwich, piece of pie and drink, a good deal. For coconut cake la Madeline's is memorable.

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          BTAustin you reminded me - Monument's chocolate pie is the best version I've ever had. Thanks!

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          For all of you who recommended the Monument Cafe in Georgetown - a _huge_ thank you - second-best coconut cream pie ever (my grandmother makes the best).

          I also gave Tootie Pies a try at lunch today - had the apple - it just looked so much better than the rest of them. It was a _very_ good apple pie - lots of apples - nicely tart and still just a bit crunchy - good amount of cinnamon. The crust was buttery - just a little too thick in places, and not really very flaky, but it tasted good, and was a compliment to all those apples - it was a very tall pie.

          On the way out, they had samples of a few other pies. One was the buttermilk, I believe, which was way too sweet for me, but, I think it's supposed to be like that. It was very nice and creamy, though. The second was the Key Lime Margarita - to me, it tasted like artificially-flavored margarita mix. I would have preferred a well-made standard key lime.

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            yep hard to go wrong at monument. it's a great breakfast place too, eggs with burnt orange yolks makes me happy . . . over easy with a side of chicken fried steak and a biscuit and honey and gravy? just great. fresh squeezed OJ. too bad it's 25 min. away.

        3. I like the concept of Pi day, that's a new one for me, although it's a bit inconvenient that it should officially begin at 1:59 or 3:49 in the morning, depending.

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            texan cafe in huttoo has great pie and they have a pi happy hour 3-5pm.

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              Veggo, if you can't get up in the middle of the night for pie, you don't really like pie.

              1. re: Unkempt

                I can get up for pie, pretty much anytime.

                1. re: Veggo

                  i prefer just to sleep with a couple slices on my nightstand...