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Mar 14, 2012 06:05 AM


Out of curiosity, I decided to check in on NAOE's website to see if they'd re-opened in their new spot. The reservations page ( says they now only seat eight people at a time, and the menu starts at $85 per person.

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  1. No, it says that they will accept a reservation for private dining of up to 8 guests. I saw the plans awhile back before they moved. The new spot will be much larger than the old.

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    1. re: Blind Mind

      Yeah, I thought I was misreading it at first, but aside from the part about being able to reserve private parties of eight, it says "Capacity: 8 per seating," right below the seating times. To me, that sounds like the whole place could only seat eight people.

      1. re: Nick

        Ahh, I see what you're talking about now. Could very well be that they will only have 8 seats for the whole bento box & sushi-till-you-tap-out deal and then seating for regular service. I'm not 100% sure but I remember talking with them and hearing about a new format. I'll try to get more info.

        1. re: Blind Mind

          I'm wondering if the bento has the "tap-out deal" folded into the price now as well. $85 is a pretty big jump from what it was before, no?

          1. re: Nick

            I think that is info for the old place.

            1. re: The Chowfather

              My bills ran about $125 per person when I went to naoe in the past so 85 would be a significant drop for me.

    2. I believe that information is for the old space. Although the Sunny Isles space sat 17, they would generally never do more than 8 people per seating. I also think he started doing fixed price omakase dinners (bento + sushi) at set prices shortly before they packed up for the move. Regardless, I assume all the info will be updated when the new place opens.

      1. Ok, I've got more info...

        Construction is nearing completion and permits are up next. Reservations can be made for April on Opentable.

        There will be 8 seats per seating as there has been since December 2010 (which I never realized I guess). These 8 seats will be the same as the original NAOE concept which is a winner if you ask me. The $85 is the new price for bento + 8pc nigiri-zushi + dessert, or you can pay $115 for bento + 13pc nigiri-zushi + dessert with additional rounds of nigiri-zushi at $2-$8/pc.

        Within 6 months, there will be another side of the restaurant that will be opened and that will be more of a regular lunch/dinner concept for businesses and locals who will be able to walk in. Info on that is pretty vague but sounds like something that will be great for a quick sushi fix.

        I can't wait to have NAOE within 10 minutes from my place instead of 45 minutes!

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        1. re: Blind Mind

          Great investigative reporting! Now let's think how dangerous it's gonna be for all of us to have Naoe in a more convenient location...

          1. re: Blind Mind

            Yeah, thanks for following up with more info. I can't say that I'm happy about the location though, as I'm up in Hollywood. I'll still make the trip though.

            1. re: Blind Mind

              My assumption about the "other side" being good for a "quick sushi fix" was incorrect. There is not currently any plan to offer sushi there. Just lunch/dinner.

            2. I just passed by the new Naoe. It is still not finished though there were signs of life in the reconstruction of the space. I think it will be a few more weeks.

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              1. re: taiga

                They're currently taking reservations for late April on OpenTable.

                1. re: Frodnesor

                  Passed by again and saw Chef Cory working inside. The paper on the windows was torn, so I got a peek. It'll be very starkly Japanese -- lot's of grays. If one can't get in, the Islander is next door and will put anything you buy into styrofoam. what a contrast. Cheap waste versus priceless minimalism.

                    1. re: MRPR

                      Minor spelling mistake in your blog post with breathe.

                      1. re: tpigeon

                        Thanks for spotting that. Fixed!