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Mar 14, 2012 05:54 AM


We have to pick up our son at 270 & Shady Grove Road on Saturday at 7pm. Looking for a place to have dinner. There hasn't been a thread about G-burg in a while, and I thought I would ask if anyone had anything new to contribute.

Kind of looking for something a little nicer, and probably not Chinese (we had a huge feast at Sichuan Pavilion last Sunday). And we would prefer to stay away from the chains, unless someone has something really good to say.

Italian? Spanish? Anything?

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  1. Nothing much in that area. King Farm is right there, so Nick's Chophouse and Fontina Grill, but I can't really recommend either one as anything but ok. And nothing at Rio, around the corner, rises above mediocre either.

    Head south on the pike and go to Il Pizzico.

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      Cafe Deluxe in the Washingtonian Center is always dependable.....

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        Be prepared to wait at the very small crowded bar on a Sat night at Il Pizzico

      2. Burma Road is just up the street.

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          I thought about Burma Road as well (in fact, I'm going tonight!) but he did say no Chinese, and that's a pretty thin line.

        2. O'Donnell's in the Kentlands is not terribly far from there.

          1. I second Il Pizzico. It is the best restaurant within .5 miles of 270 and Shady Grove, and probably my favorite restaurant in the north Rockville area, not counting ethnic. For ethnic, well the OP is in luck, because Minerva is literally at that intersection and is absolutely delicious Indian (but also a bit of a dive). If the OP is willing to travel slightly further, Cava is not far from there. Stella Restaurant is next to Cava basically and is also very good. Founding Farmers is about 10 minutes away is well regarded.

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              Cava is a great recommendation but on man does it get crowded and loud. If conversation is the goal, go elsewhere.

            2. It promises to be a nice evening, so why not stroll thru Washingtonian Center?


              Maypo, the menu at Cafe Deluxe looks interesting.

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                Washingtonian Center = Rio, which we already discussed above.

                And, IMHO, the Cafe Deluxe chain is not as good as the Clyde's chain, and there's nothing but chains at Rio. The best food there is probably Uncle Julio's, until the BGR Burger Joint opens soon.

                1. re: DanielK

                  For a chain, I had a nice lunch at Romano's Macaroni Grill. And sometime I'd like to try Nando's Peri Peri. I hardly ever go to Rio... only if I have a meeting at the Marriott, but tonight it would have bee pretty. No mosquitos yet.

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                      In Washingtonian Center........across the street from the Movie theatre entrance