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Mar 13, 2012 11:01 PM

Entertaining European Clients and money is no object!!! - Miami's Best Food

Somebody talk to me about great wine lists and tasting menus!!! How about pairings? I'm looking for the best that Miami has to offer. Most nights we will be over in South Beach, however we can travel and will head over to the tennis tournament to see some action as well!!!

Any great ideas?

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  1. I have made reservations at Escopazzo, Yardbird the Southern Table, & the Tudor House... That is the start of the week... We still need 4 more nights and I would appreciate some comments on these.

    1. With wine being a consideration I would recommend Bourbon Steak, db Bistro Moderne, Michael's Genuine, Azul and Sustain. Other spots that should be on your radar include Michy's, neMesis, Tuyo and The Dutch.

      1. Another spot that hasn't been mentioned is Zuma in the Epic. Very impressive and extremely memorable.

        1. Very few places in Miami do set tasting menus these days - but many will likely do so on request esp. if you make arrangements in advance. For what it sounds like you're looking for, I think the best options, including thought as to the wine list, would be Michy's, Azul, Bourbon Steak, DB Bistro Moderne. None of these are in South Beach.

          On South Beach, my first choice might be Sardinia. The Setai also is a likely candidate though I've not been there since a new chef came in. Scarpetta in the Fontainebleau. Hakkasan perhaps. You might also want to look into the Villa by Barton G in the Versace Mansion, though I've not been; same for Casa Tua.

          If you're talking tasting menus and wine pairings, Yardbird is not going to be the atmosphere you're looking for - it's a casual Southern styled place. That's not to say not to go, just go with the right expectations.

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            Would definitely go with Frod's recommendations....and if tpigeon were to chime in here I would work with her choices as well.....Both of these individuals know what they're talking about.....Like to think I do too.....Sardinia...Casa Tua....Michy's and Michael's Genuine are all top choices......Joe's is a landmark establishment....and while you can eat stone crabs most anywhere.....they NEVER taste like they do at Joe's.....and the service is always nothing less than they do belong on the list of great, memorable places......

            Ft. Pierce, FL

          2. We had wonderful tasting menus w/ wine pairings at Scarpetta in the Fontainbleu and 1500 degrees at Eden Roc on vacation this January. Highly recommend both.

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              1500° is another good suggestion, particularly for a place that could put together a tasting menu.

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                If a great wine list is a priority, then The Forge is a must. It has not only, the best wine list in the area but one of the best in the world. The food is very good as well.

                1. re: porkpa

                  I was at the Forge tonight, I must say it was amazing. I am too stuffed to go to bed! I had smoked salmon croquettes and the duck with cheese grits. I tasted a friend's coffee steak. The restaurant is gorgeous too, exceptional service.