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Mar 13, 2012 09:52 PM

Wife's 50th birthday.

Need suggestions please! 24 people for wife's 50th birthday. Fun loving crowd. Somewhere in the wine country. Lodging and an incredible, memorable dinner!! Would appreciate any help, I don't want to blow this one!!!

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  1. Budget? Preference of Sonoma v. Napa? You may want to take a look at these posts and then come back if you have questions:

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      Thanks for replying. I'm figuring around $25,000 for 12 rooms for three nights, two rounds fo golf for 10 people and a dinner on Friday night? I prefer Napa but mostly because I am familiar with it and they have a few golf courses there but open to and highly apreciative of any and all suggestions

      1. re: DonCusick

        Package negotiations would probably be your best bet (trying to combine rooms + hotel catered dinner).

        I would try calling Meadowood in Napa and try negotiating with them for a package. It may end up being out of your price range (not sure - haven't personally negotiated this before), but they have rooms, golf, and an excellent restaurant.

        Solage has a good restaurant attached to its hotel (no golf on site). Auberge du Soleil also a good restaurant (no golf on site).

        Silverado Resort apparently has a restaurant (golf), but I have never heard of the restaurant - and it doesn't seem to garner great reviews. So if you are really into food, would skip that.

        If none of the above hotel options work out for the dinner aspect, I would say your next best bet for the food option is to cater something at a winery, or at your rental if you end up getting a rental, (see the posts I submitted before). Restaurants in Napa are small, and off of the top of my head I can't think of a restaurant where it would be a great experience trying to accommodate your group (unless you were to buy out the restaurant - which would probably be over budget).

        1. re: goldangl95

          The company I work for did a corporate event last year. We stayed at Silverado but had meals elsewhere. Silverado did do a wine reception and breakfasts which were fine.
          They have a golf course, and tennis and spa.

          When will this event be held? Rates and availability will vary by season.

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            I doubt you can get Meadowood in that budget, but you might depending on the time of year and your negotiating skills. Speaking for the non-golf players, Solage might be more fun, because it's in Calistoga, which is a cute little spa town with shops and cafes, while Meadowood is quite a ways from anything.