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Mar 13, 2012 09:30 PM

Roma with girls--ages 9,8,5

Hi everyone,
Heading to Rome on Saturday for 10 days. Have done my homework on these boards. Have purchased Elizabeth & Katie's apps. And I know we will NOT be going to La Pergola or Il Paglicaccio. What I AM wondering is what are your top 10 lunches and dinners with children? Have looked, and I didn't see anything recent on the board re: kids.

We took the girls to Paris last year and had a great time. Our general rhythm is coffee & croissant for breakfast; exploring til early afternoon; a quick but good lunch because we're all starving; naps for all; and then a fantastic, but not uppity, dining experience for dinner. Looking for delicious local food, kind waiters who love kids, nice ambience.

SO, I need 10 lunches near fun sights-to-see (feel free to chime in on these as well); and then 10 dinners within 30 mins walking distance or easy cab ride from Piazza Navona, where we are renting an apt from Fabri (if that means anything to anyone). My girls are well-behaved, and pretty adventurous eaters, though I'd be lying if I said they weren't especially excited about heading to the land of pizza and pasta :-)

Huge thanks to all of you for all I've learned already, and thanks in advance for any responses to this post.

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  1. forgot to mention, info re: the need for reservations at suggested spots would also be helpful! Gotta get on this ASAP. Thanks!

    1. Can't believe that even in crusty Rome waiters don't dote on kids. What would be hard, I think, is "quick lunch." Just isn't how it gets done.

      I will name some places near famous sights where I have seen kids eating with their parents and looking quite happy:

      Hostaria Nerone (near the Colosseum)

      Sor'Eva (near St Peter's)

      Armando al Pantheon (near guess what)

      Your kids might find it fun to go to Lo Zozzone, in via del Teatro Pace (close to your apartment), where they can choose their own ingredients to make a sandwich between two slices of pizza bianca. You could take it back to the apartment for your quick lunch and still have time for the naps.

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        I spent two weeks in Rome several years ago when my boys were 7 and 10, and I would second Hostaria Nerone and Armando al Pantheon, both for location and for the food. My kids also preferred lunch out, then dinner back at the apartment. Dinner hour in Rome was a bit late for them at that age, and a leisurely lunch was a great break from sightseeing. If you don't want to cook, it's not hard to find various take-out options. I think you'll find plenty of choices on Elizabeth's and Katie's apps (just bought them myself for my upcoming trip). The "lunch out/dinner in" sounds like a different rhythm from your own plans, but I would at least consider it as an option. Of course, you know your own kids best and what works for them. I found Rome to be one of the most kid-friendly cities I've ever visited, which made that trip one of our favorite family vacations ever.

      2. Hi Patricia, Since you've bought Eat Rome, then you already have my suggestions! I would say that about 97 % of the places there are just fine for kids. All except the most expensive/fancy - but only due to the cost, not the welcoming attitude.

        Around Piazza Navona, for dinner: Renato & Luisa, Hostaria Osro 80; Gigetto; Pompiere; Dittirambo. And I always send families to Open Balladin. It's got amazing craft beers on tap (for you!) and fun food for the kids, like hamburgers and home made potato chips.

        1. My first thought is that 10 days 2 restaurant meals a day is a recipe for burnout with kids. Even older kids will enjoy getting out of the regimen and eating at home after a while, I predict. Take advantage of the great food shopping resources and enjoy some simple suppers using the roman foodstuffs.

          I agree with the recommendations of Nerone and Armando's especially at lunchtime when the Romans are also dining. Sora Margherita, in the Ghetto (lunch only) and Osteria dell'Angelo, convenient to the vatican museums are also good, reasonably priced and family friendly options. There are some simple trattorie n. of Piazza Navona toward the Tiber. On the Tiber itself, Trattoria Lilli in this category has been recommended before (we have not made it there yet ourselves.

          Have a lovely trip and hope we hear back about your family's experiences!

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            Many thanks to all. We are SO excited!