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Mar 13, 2012 09:27 PM

70th Birthday Party in early June

I am looking for a place to hold a 70th birthday party. I need a place with a private room on a Saturday night for an early dinner (probably starting 5:30-6). There will be between 20-25 people including several small children. Looks like the best location is in the West/Northwest suburbs. People will be coming from around O'Hare and Glen Ellyn. Most of the people are from out of town and I am planning this remotely. We will have cars, but would prefer not to travel too far

The leading candidate is Maggiano's in Oak Brook, but I am wondering if there is something that is not a chain. Price per person can be up to $40-50 per person for everything except alcohol, but it would be better if it was closer to $35-40 per person. A nice steak house would be a decent option as well. Prefer not to go downtown, but would be open to the possibility if there is something great.

Thanks for any ideas.

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