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Mar 13, 2012 09:17 PM

Palm Springs: Johannes, purple Palm or??

Hi, we're looking for a birthday dinner in PS. We've been to Johannes in previous years and always love it. So do we go back this year or try something else? Food, drinks and decor all count.

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  1. My husband and I went to purple palms last summer and loved it. Great food and great cocktails!

    1. We ate at both on back-to-back nights last fall. Both are great. Purple Palm has better style - and the restaurant overlooks their hotel pool which is pretty - it was much more lively than Johannes when we were there. Purple Palm has a more diverse menu too - but both were great as far as the food goes. I would suggest PP for a party though. But hit up Johannes when you can!

      1. Only been to PP for brunch and it was very well prepared, and the service was attentive and cordial. The setting is very Cal/Palm Springs with the pool and garden setting, with Mt. San Jacinto as the back drop. Also, I can't stop thinking about that perfect cup of coffee I had there. I think the beans and prep were spot-on but I have to think that that rock hard PS water might actually be good for the coffee...

        1. Have to confess that in the end we went to neither! We realized it was a landmark birthday and chose Le Vallauris instead. I know I would have been very happy at either of our other choices but Vallauris exceeded very expectation. A fabulous evening. I had a tomato terrine followed by lobster ravioli in a bisque sauce with big chunks of lobster. Heaven. Hubby had buttery scallops and then venison with an amazing juniper sauce. We shared a perfect chocolate souffle which I must learn to make ASAP. Owner very gracious and lovely, waiter grumpy and professional, setting beautiful.