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Mar 13, 2012 09:01 PM

Please Offer Your Critique/Advice on our Tokyo Food Tour Picks!

We will be in tokyo in 2 weeks and so far here is what we have reserved. For us, more important than just good food (or overindulging in decadence), is really great experiences where we feel we are understanding and absorbing the local culture through food and drink. We generally love charming small places and my wife and I love to sit side by side at dinners (sushi bars etc). Here is our schedule:

Day 1: arrive 5pm no dinner plans. Staying park hotel ginza. would like a fun small yakiniku in ginza or nearby where we can sit side by side and try good wagyu, horumon, etc. Any ideas?
Day 2: Tsukiji in morning and lunch at dai, daiwa, bun, etc. No dinner planned yet (maybe fun local yakitori places?
Day 3: Maybe lunch to go from takashiyama shinjuku and go to gyoen gardens. dinner at ryugin.
Day 4: No lunch planned but want to try tempura or tonkatsu. Dinner sushisho saito.
Day 5: Lunch chateau robuchon. Dinner molecular tapas bar.
Day 6: No lunch (ramen maybe?). Dinner birdland. I love horumon and wife not as much.
Day 7: Lunch Kyubey. Dinner at Beige (is it worth it? I am iffy on beige).
Day 8: No lunch plans but want to have pure and delicious udon..please guide us. Dinner at Aronia de Takazawa.

Also I LOVE whole roasted fish head....where can I get this?

Also if you have any advice on things to see during this time (sakura season), that would be great also. Are there any cute areas with ting drinking and eating places you recommend that have some english speaking owners but arent touristy? We are also looking for a guide potentially for one day to do a food tour.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. To answer your question, dinner at Beige is a total waste of money. Even the sister restaurant, benoit, is better (and cheaper) though recently there have been alarming reports from several friends that standards have slipped. (I can't judge as I have not been for a while.)

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      It is not yakiniku in Ginza, but teppanyaki ! Ginza means 'gold for kin(or gin)' due to the mint who made silver coins in 1612, and so yakiniku will be, hmm...not as popular as the ones in Ueno Okachimachi. But, if you're interested in Teppanyaki, i liked Kaika Teppanyaki in the 4th floor of Barney's building
      The board is speaking, in recent posts, about soba Narutomi ; you have a bar also just for a standing drink after your dinner for a 'karasumi soba' and and roast takenoko
      And Michelin has a restaurant o 'hormon', intriguing no ? Diner omakase only around 6,000.-yens (Roppongi

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        Roasted fish head, I think you will able to have it at the popular Kyobashi Matsuwa(on the Chuo Dori), dinner menu at 5300.-yens included a roast style head fish, but ask your hotel to book it in advance, and ask them to confirm that it is included in the seasonal menu.

    2. I recommend Yakitori Akira in Naka-Meguro. Not only for the yakitori, which is on a very high level, but also for the setting. You can see the cherry trees from the window.

      As for Sushisho Saito, you're not mistaking it for the more famous Sushi Saito?

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        no we are not mistaking. we have read a lot about sushisho saito as a place where the sushi is amazing but not as well known as sushi saito, jiro, etc. thank you for the recommendations!

      2. You may want to try tonkatsu at Takashimaya Shinjuku on Day 3. Katsukura is quite popular, very consistent too. I think it is on 13 or 14th floor.

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          seconding this. i love this place too.