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Mar 13, 2012 08:59 PM

El Salvador Food Question: Chimbolos?

I ate in a restaurant in Denver recently that served Yuca con Chambolitas. It was excellent, but I wasn't sure exactly what those little fish were and I couldn't find the word Chambolitas anywhere. Then someone told me they were probably referring to Chimbolos, but then she called them pepescas--which are like sardines, no?

Can someone please tell me what Chimbolos refer to? Is it a generic name for all little fish? Are they like Los Charales of Mexico (that is what they tasted like to me)?


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  1. Chimbolos are like mini sardines (closer to anchovy size). Don't know their English translation, but they are delicious fried up nice and crispy.

    It's the non-meat version of Yuca con Chicharon, great for lent (or pescatarians!)