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Mar 13, 2012 07:38 PM

So tired of the Umberto's Love.....

Nice people, check. Cool place to eat, check. Cheap, check...

Pizza is just so substandard, even for the so called "grandma slice" they serve. Was there last week. Soggy mess, cold, cold pizza. Gummy rice balls, ultra-lame calzones (calzones have riccota cheese within). This isn't an institution but rather a place more like a high school cafeteria. It doesn't even belong in the "pizza conversation". I've lurked around here long enough to know this is heresy, so have at it. i think there is a difference between institution and institutional.... Better slice (but still not great) at the Royal Bakery in Cambridge on Cambridge St. 10 other places I'd go for a slice before Umbertos, maybe 15....

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  1. I also don't quite get the enthusiasm, but overall I like it. It's like a school cafeteria from another universe.

    1. One calzone has ricotta: it's the one called the ham, salami and ricotta calzone. That's kind of a warning sign that it, y'know, contains ricotta.

      Given that they turn over the pizza trays approximately every 3-5 minutes during the lunch rush, I'd love to know when you went that you were able to get "cold, cold pizza," since that suggests the line was atypically short then.

      1. You don't like it, that's your opinion, and I respect it. I love it, I've been going there going on 30 years now, and that's my opinion. No harm, no foul, though I'm glad to know there'll be one less person ahead of me in line!

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I guess this has been really eating at you. Where are your faves?

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              I was expecting a pile up, that's the nature of the beast. Point is, I was just there last week, so it seems fair to comment. Also, it reminded me of why I didn't like the place. I was there early and there were no lines and there were plenty of tables available and maybe that why the pizza was "cold". Maybe "not hot" is a better description. Regardless, The pizza just isn't any good and despite there being a ricotta calzone on the menu, the one I shared with friends, a spinach/cheese combo, was a lifeless dud. And the legendary rice balls, come on....

              Just in the North End alone I rather hit Regina's, Ernesto's and even Il Panino Express has a better slice. As for square slices, Armando's and Pinnocchio's in Harvard Square are much better as is a new-fangled slice like Otto's. Hell, even Bosstone on Newbury St is better.

              1. re: sadflour

                Oh wait, I see. You were complaining that the calzone you had didn't have ricotta, not that it did. That had been unclear in your original post.

                Anyway, calzones do not have to have ricotta in them to be calzones.